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  1. Yeah you need a joint sponsor if he doesnt make enough income right now. The embassy didn't even look at my prior income, they only cared about what I was making currently. They don't care what you made last year if you aren't making it this year in other words.
  2. Hello guys, last update from me. My husband's Visa was approved on Wednesday, and he received his passport with Visa inside on Friday morning via courier. He will fly to the US this Friday to finally be with me after 9 long years. Thanks everyone for the support and wishing the best for everyone here.
  3. Then you should be fine, I think. My 2017 taxes showed 20k because I only worked half the year. My actual salary is 41k. Just make sure you file the I864 instead of the I864EZ at the NVC stage. The embassy told me this form was for qualifying based on current income or assets while the EZ was qualifying based on tax returns.
  4. I only submitted my 2017 tax return. They didn't ask for any other years at the NVC stage or at the interview last week. I also filled single in 2015 although I had gotten married that year, but as I said, they never asked to see it.
  5. You said you are currently working? Do you mean that you are still self employed or you now are an employee making 36k?
  6. Nope. At the Bucharest embassy, they have a separate security building you enter first where they take your phone and metal detect you before allowing you to continue into the embassy. Only thing he was allowed to have was his folder with the documents
  7. Thank you for all your prayers and well wishes. My husband was approved today at the interview! He said it was a very short process. They asked only for his civil documents and the pictures of us. He said the man interviewing him only asked 4 questions: How did we meet? When did we get married? How many times have we seen each other? Is my husband employed? All in all his appointment was at 1pm and he was out and calling me with the news at 1:45.
  8. Today is the day! Interview in about 10 hours. Pray for us if possible! So nervous! Sending out prayers for all of you!
  9. Interview August 22nd. I can't believe after 9 long years in a long distance relationship, it is so close to being over. I feel so overwhelmed and scared for my husband's interview. I am thinking the worst for some reason, but trying to stay positive! Guys we are all so close!!
  10. Hey, I had "AT NVC" too and had a checklist and not a CC. Not saying this is the case for you, but be aware that "AT NVC" does not always mean CC, it just means they have taken some action on your case. I'm sure you are good, I just wanted to chime in with my experience. Call and confirm.
  11. Hey guys, Our interview for the IR1 visa is scheduled for August 22! However, I have had some issues with my 2017 taxes. I filed on April 16 along with a w-7 to apply for an ITIN # for my husband. This week, the application for the ITIN was denied, and I have no idea if the IRS will go ahead and process my taxes or make me refile. Either way, I am unlikely to have my taxes processed by the interview date. I spoke with the embassy about my situation, and they looked up my information on CEAC. Now, I didn't move back to the US until last summer for a job, so my w-2 only shows half of what I actually make per year. So, the embassy is telling me I will need a joint sponsor or my spouse won't get the visa. I have a year of pay stubs proving that I make 40k salary uploaded on CEAC and $25k in bank statements, but apparently none of that matters. I told them that, they still say I need a joint sponsor. I am kind of (a lot) freaking out because I am from a very rural/poor town in Arkansas and know no one that can be a joint sponsor. I didn't even think I would need one since I have been at my job since moving back to the US and make double the required amount. Is there nothing I can do? Sorry if this is confusing, I am in a confused state right now. Thank you for any help.
  12. I know! I had given up hope on it considering what they told me and you when we called.
  13. Hey so looks like they lied to us. I got an email today telling me I was scheduled for interview on August 22 so seems like they are still scheduling for August.
  14. Hey guys, I just spoke to NVC wondering if any interviews for August were still being scheduled (long shot), but of course they told me no more interviews will be scheduled for August and the soonest I could get an interview was September if any slots are still open for that month. Also he mentioned that that was the case for every embassy, not just mine. Not sure how he looked it up or if he even did. I'm kinda confused.
  15. How can you tell if an embassy is still scheduling interviews for August? Is it available somewhere?
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