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  1. Update: Just saw on my case status regarding I485 that "New Card is Being Produced". And under I130 that "Interview was Completed. Case is Being reviewed." Will breathe a little when I actually see it. Now my main focus is on my son's CR2 Visa from Trinidad. We are currently doing the NVC submittal.
  2. Thanks for the support. Definitely helped to calm me down.
  3. @Ann&James Thanks. Been trying my best to. Its nerve racking!!! To have not gotten any positive feedback whatsoever from uscis at this stage.
  4. Update: Today is the 20th and still no updates or news as to the outcome of my interview. 😔 No mail received or anything.
  5. @missileman I am praying that this is the outcome. So as per usual I am eyes peeled on my asks account and the mailbox.
  6. @Amadia I thought of all that. But after reading so many interview experiences where persons at leas received a print saying interview completed. I am left more worried and confused. He didn't even state if he was recommending the petition or anything.
  7. @Going through Nothing was stamped in my passport. In fact he never requested it. So hence I am unsure what the outcome is going to be
  8. @geowrianThis process was confusing to me. I just got word of my son's petition being approved and that via NVC for consular processing we can proceed with the fees for a CR2. So I had assumed that I was a CR1. But its only recently I realized that what I thought my process was is not a CR1. I don't even get it. All I know is I submitted a I130/I765/I485 concurrent since I entered on a nonimmigrant visa last year. Married in my home country 2016.
  9. No idea after interview what to expect. Holtsville, NY on August 15th 2018 at 12:00 noon. at midday. Examiner gave no approval or confirmation of anything nor did my husband (US citizen) or I receive any print saying interview was completed or case is up for review. javascript:emoticon(':(') He said he couldn't confirm anything. He didn't even confirm if the petition was approved. So weird. He didn't even say if my petition was approved. Had all they asked for. Interview was so long 45 minutes to an hour. He said he was just transferred to the office yesterday from Queens. Though was a lot of chit chat, I was still hoping to hear a positive result right away. Questions of form were fine, I hope. After all this time I thought I could finally breathe and here we are again in this waiting game of 60 days he said or more. I am seeing so many positive results where people got an update on their case hours after or was told of approval at end of interview. And that they got a computer print saying case is under review or interview complete. Though he was friendly and casual I cannot function knowing am still in limbo. Feel like my life is on hold. javascript:emoticon(':(') I don't know what to think. How come I didn't receive a print like other people that it was completed????????? Not seeing anyone with this experience. (updated on August 16, 2018)
  10. @AussieGuy12 this is my sponsor/petitioner income. They initially put in his last year annual income but on the affidavit of support at item 15 i believe where you sum up several items there is an unrelated figure. I am unemployed since the birth of our son. So my income is not included.
  11. Hey there. Sorry for the absence. Spent the time going back and forth with the lawyer and his associate trying to get to the bottom of the issue. As you said, things were definitely not adding up in any way. So the lawyer finally forwarded the documents they submitted on our behalf to us days after the emergency meeting. I have proof that they sent it to the Chicago Lockbox and I know they definitely didn't mail our package like they said since my I94 record was not available to them till September 27th 2017 When I spoke to CBP. This I94 info was on my submitted application. Go figure that only after asking questions did I start to get our application moving. Within 2 weeks of this date I finally received my all NOA 1s on October 19th for my I130-Class 201B INA Spouse of USC/I485/I765 (Notice was received October 10th, 2017-Priority date and notice dated October 16th, 2017. We spoke to USCIS again to inquire about my sons application which was sent to another Chicago Lockbox as his process is via consular. At this point, I was annoyed that due to all the back and forth that we were screwed by this recommended immigration lawyer. In the following days I then received my son's NOA 1 . It was received by USCIS on priority date October 20, 2017 and notice date October 23rd, 2017, class 201B Minor Child. Both cheques were finally cashed. We were relieved. But then things are again taking a worrying turn due to the lawyer. I really regret not listening to my sister who did her fiance process on her own. There are so many errors in our application that I am considering restarting the process if I can't make corrections instead of getting a possible denial for their errors. They continue to be vague about our information, sent off documents without having us double checking anything and don't communicate any changes to us. Or I request removal of lawyer on case and figure it out on our own. As they prepared documents and not us. Recently, I received my Biometrics appointment Code 3 on October 27th, 2017 in Hicksville, NY for November 6th, 2017 at 9:00 p.m. It was quick. Went it filled out form, gave my passport, sent to take photo, signed and left in a matter of 5 mins. Office was empty. Errors to be corrected are serious ones as far as I am concerned. 1. Petitioner (Husband-US Citizen) -I130 - wrong place of employment. He works 2 places which are on his submitted Tax form 1040 however they have his part time as full time and his previous place of employment not his current. Wrong info about his residency in US. He always lived here not there. And sent G325 and just discovered no I130A. Received RFE dd Nov 3rd, 2017 for I130 A to process I485. 2. Affidavit of Support- wrong addition of income. Correct individual income but in part 6 of form where they were to sum current household income they have an unknown figure thats way less than his income and again one employer is in error. Our second child is omitted under dependents.??? 3. I485- He omitted my employment info and have wrong info about the date of my residence outside the US as well wrong info on my parents place of residence. Place of marriage clearly shown on marriage certificate is wrong. So many errors. I don't know how to proceed. I filled out the I130A but is there any supporting documents I need to submit with it and do I take the opportunity to correct the other errors in my I130 and I485 applications??? Or take a hit and restart process? How do I proceed?