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  1. . I missed you too ! I didn't know we had a Bar, I thought we are in "NVC Sauna" loosing weight from stress. But now that I know there is a bar ...
  2. Miss you too ! Miss my fellow sufferers !
  3. Sick to hear that. "take away your citizenship" ???? W.T.F. is this? Insane. I don't hate anyone, but this all makes me sick. Thanks for sharing your story. Sad, sad, sad....
  4. You must be the "fiancé", and not a US citizen (sorry if I am wrong). Anyway, the dislike for foreign born is natural all over the world. People always need someone to blame for something, so in most (unintelligent) cases it falls on those who are "not from here". If someone does not have a job, can't find one, it is a reflex of an opinion that if the "foreigner" with the job was not in this country, he would have a job. Idiotic thinking, but true. My advice to all, Americans or those coming in is get your education, get a skill that can help you work. I have a problem with a repair of an antique clock, and there is nowhere to go. In Europe though, there are hundreds of clock repairman everywhere you turn. There is one skill of a million, and so on. Illegal immigration here is to tough, for most part there are oceans on both sides, and people can't just jump in to US. All of Latin America has a "leg up", they are land connected. Coming through Canada is different, but overseas people need to get there first legally. So there it is.
  5. I agree with you 101%, that is exactly what I wrote. People need to understand that. I underlined it, just in case somebody misses it.
  6. It does make sense. However, I will put my two cents in, on totally different note. I believe this comes from the top, very top with the orange hair. Order was "slow it down", or the order was a good old "audit". They all had to stop what they were doing, and for a month go through millions of papers and such, just to show they are doing what they are doing. After it was done, it was "ok, carry on". And it will happen again. Very well it could be a point where they wanted to stop 2000 - 5000 people from coming in to US in this calendar year, so they can show their voting base "look what we did this year, we cut it down so much, like we promised in the campaign", and then they all celebrate like they did something. For all US citizens here, there is one vote you take, and be very wise about it. If you live to age of 80, you will have about 15 opportunities to vote (depends when you turn 18 to be able to vote). I am apolitical, do not belong to any Party, nor I ever will, but I do vote for the most qualified person at the time. Please, use your 15 votes wisely. There are levels of Government, so you can show how displeased you are on lower levels too. Do your job, do your civic duty, help this great country stay just that - great.
  7. THANK YOU !!! It means a world to me. Yes, I got the NOA2 on the 7th, it was dated Dec 4th, and until today I got no email, app update, scan, nothing, just a hard copy letter in the mail. I can't believe what they are doing to you, it is abomination of the fairness. Terrible. I'll be here, I needed a break, I'll explain it below. Just hold a bit longer, it will be. Please send the warmest greetings to the Island from cold New York. Love you very much ! Miss you guys, thank youuuuuu !!!! Great to be back, miss you all very much !!! I'll explain all below. Hip Hip Hooray !!! NO Sirrrrr. Took a leave of absence to retrieve this little bit of sanity that I had left. But you Sir .... CONGRATULATIONS !!! It was well deserved! You did a gargantuan job for this community and I appreciate it, and thank you for the millionth time !!! I will remember you as long as I live. Here is how it went .... I got the approval in mail on 7th Thursday and was beside myself, totally unexpected. Friday, I woke up in fog, checked in here and let you guys know that I was approved. Same day as I was driving I decided to take a 10 day "mental vacation", I felt I needed to get some rest. I slept that weekend 9th + 10th like a baby, all day all night. Would get up, eat, refresh and fall back out. I never realized how much this all weighed on me until the burden was lifted off my shoulders. It was a relief that can not be put into words, something surreal. Although I was dying to come here, I banned myself from doing so. My self-ban expired yesterday, so last night I logged in and started reading this topic, from page 30 something where I was last. I read every single post you guys wrote out of respect to all of you, because you guys kept me going, and THANK YOU for that. So today I finished 50+ pages, and than said hello with my little crazy squirrel . So now, I have 100 or so pages to read on the June topic, they all deserve it, every letter they wrote was love and pain, and I will absorb it all, and then I will check back with them. That's my little family. Miss you all again, and congrats to all that moved forward, NOA2 or NVC, and POE crowd I envy you (in a good loving way - no sin), and you guys that are holding on, don't give up, what doesn't kill you makes you only stronger. LOVE YOU ALL !
  8. The Squirrel

    I-129F June, Part II

    Thank you!!! Thank you !!!
  9. The Squirrel

    I-129F June, Part II

    I love Seinfeld, and Newman and George were my favorites. With that said, this gif from last night was for a good reason, I'm surprised you guys didn't catch on.... Yesterday I had a biggest day of my life. My cute little Mrs. Squirrel has been APPROVED! I came home late, seen the letter, and posted that gif. I was just overwhelmed to write anything, feeling of relief like no other. With that said, LOOK OUT FOR YOUR MAILMAN !!! No email, no app update, no scan update .... nothing .... just good ol' Newman the mailman. Date on the letter is June 4th Monday. Can't write much now, will fill you in on details tonight when I get home. I truly appreciate you guys, love you all and will be here until we are all gone. Thanks for accepting me as an equal! May God bless America !
  10. I got all "received" that reported, will add you guys to the list tonight. Thanks for chiming in. Anyoneelse that is still "received/untouched" please let me know. Thanks.
  11. The Squirrel

    I-129F June, Part II

    We all thought that. No worries, it will be fast. Look for @Naes, she will be with you all the way. ------------- @AZSunshine78 CONGRATULATIONS!!!!
  12. The Squirrel

    I-129F June, Part II

    All done ! Thank you Sir ! You should look into your question, needs help . Anyway, I will give you your day at least: it started at 120, now down to 105 (over 12% done). Out of those 15 touched cases none were from the forum. You and 4 other VJ members were "born" on that day. When it started you five guys were 4.16% of the total, and today you are 4.76% of the day. Your particular day did not bloom and blossomed yet, so sit tight, your chances have improved ever so slightly.