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  1. Thank you for your reply. I already read that and I’m aware of that part but That’s not what I’m asking. I’m asking if I need to include her husband’s and her kid’s birth certificate.
  2. Hello all. I hope someone will be able to guide me to the right direction. I’m a USC and planning to file I-130 for my sister. she is Married with kids. From reading online I don’t have to file I130 for her husbands and kids separately, I have to only file for her. do I include only her birth certificate with translation ? Or I have to include for her husbands and kids too? thank you in advance
  3. She received her biometric appointment letter on 7/31, appointment date 8/20/21. No updates on her case status online. good luck everyone
  4. THANK YOU. I’m still in disbelief how lucky they got, and so true.
  5. Turns out you were 1000% correct. We completed their medical exam and mailed it about 15 days ago. Both my parent status changed to card productions on 7/27/21. Thank you
  6. We just got a RFE on 7/6/21 from our local USCIS office, requesting to submit the i693. Which is different from the prior one we received asking to either mail or bring to interview. I guess you are right they might bypass the interview. I will keep you guys posted.
  7. So we finally got the text message on 6/30/21 with case number they received case 6/8/21. application mailed on 06/07/2021 package delivered on 06/09/2021 check cashed 6/29/21
  8. Oh wow that will be amazing. I filed for them mid March, biometric done 6/11/21. Finger crossed.
  9. Really? I never heard of initial adjustments of status without interview.
  10. Just an update both my parents i130 got approved today 6/30/21.
  11. not true, 3-4 week is more likely on average , but ty for your input.
  12. Hello All, I'm posting on behalf of my sister. She filled for AOS from B2, Married to USC. application mailed on 06/07/2021 package delivered on 06/09/2021 Still waiting for Notice. Good Luck Everyone
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