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  1. I'm starting to fill out form i-751 and I am unsure of some questions. Thank you for your help. Questions 1: It is asking country of citizenship. My wife is dual citizen, so I would list both in this format? "Venezuela, Colombia" Is that an acceptable format? questions 2: It is asking place of Marriage. Is this an acceptable format? "Cancun,Mexico" ? questions 3: All blanks get filled in with "N/A" still correct? IN part 6 4(a-c) it is asking about disabilities. If there are none do I just leave it blank, or do I have write "n/a"? Thank you once again. Take care.
  2. Will the new public charge rule apply to ROC for already green card holders?
  3. You’re right. Emotions got the best of me. I got mad just thinking about how much my wife and I went through to get here and have our son born here just to have neighbors gossip. That’s life. Thanks you once again.
  4. I’m a citizen. My baby was born here in the USA in January this year. My wife came here on a cr-1 visa in December 2018. A neighbor told my mom today that ICE was in my neighborhood and was asking another neighbor if a baby lives in my home. Supposedly the other neighbor responded that he does not know. (He has seen my baby multiple times) could this just be neighborhood gossip about my family? Should I contact someone to get more information? Thank you.
  5. Hi everyone, I am citizen of both USA and Mexico. My fiancé is a citizen of Venezuela and Colombia. We went the k1 visa route, and are at the noa2 stage right before NVC. Then life happens.... We have been traveling a lot and then she got pregnant. Now she is in pregnant and we are in Mexico. She is on a tourist visa and I'm pretty sure the k1 interview can't be done here since she is not a resident. She also only has 2 months on her tourist visa in Mexico. So other wise I have no choice but get married in Mexico. Being a citizen of Mexico I apply for DCF, but does she ? Does she have to also be a resident of Mexico for 6 months? Or is it only me. please help. Thank you
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