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  1. I It is the same for Kuwait. I got DQ June 1st and I spoke to NVC and they told me currently no embassies/consulates are open for interviews yet. It's very depressing being apart from my husband this long.
  2. Call NVC and they will tell you what the message says. I have never been able to open any of their RFE or comments. Sometimes my lawyer was able to, but they are very nice about updating you if you call. It just takes some time on hold. Good luck.
  3. I have never been able to ope their messages. I either get my lawyer to tell me what it says or call NVC and wait on hold about an hour. They will tell you what the message says. Super frustrating for sure.
  4. You will now wait for the NVC to send your file to the US embassy in the country the interview will take place. Depending on the back log, and when embassies reopen will determine how long this might take. Covid 19 haas certainly thrown a wrench into the waiting times for this process unfortunately. Congrats to you also. Good luck. Which embassy will the interview be held at? Thank you 🙂
  5. Thank you 😊 Hopefully only 1 month. But I agree, these are not normal times.
  6. Received the DQ notification finally today, after having to submit RFE's. So happy for this stage to be completed. Does anyone know the timeframe for getting the files from NVC to the US embassy? I am guessing that things are delayed due to Covid 19. Any info appreciated. This process has been too long and stressful, and is not yet over!
  7. Yes he is an Egyptian citizen and holds an Egyptian passport. He has a residency permit in Kuwait. We were vacationing in Cairo when Covid 19 shut everything down. I was able to get a repatriation flight to the US. He must wait for Kuwait to allow RP holders to return. If this takes a long time, we wondered about switching to the US embassy in Cairo. Just not sure how that would work, and perhaps it would be an even longer delay.
  8. Hello Was wondering if any members had experience with switching to another embassy once their case had already been initiated. Due to the Covid 19 my spouse is currently in Cairo. He resides in Kuwait and that is the embassy he would be scheduled to attend his interview. Our file is awaiting transfer from NVC to the embassy, but due to the closures, we wondered if the US embassy in Cairo might open sooner, and also if there is difficulties returning to Kuwait, this would delay the process. Just curious if anyone had ever switched locations. Thank you
  9. Tell me about it. They have no thought for people’s suffering. Wishing you the best.
  10. We had submitted additional requested documents to NVC in February, and were anxiously waiting for an interview date with the US embassy in Kuwait. Who knows when that will happen now.
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