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  1. Hi All, just in case anyone is interested in my timeline, you can see it in my signature below. My case was approved in 100 days, from the time of submission. Very thankful and blessed! Good luck to you all! Nov 2020 - (11/12) - Permanent GC delivered!! Woohooo Nov 2020 - (11/09) - Received Paper NOA Approval Notice (Online status - Card being processed) Oct 2020 - (10/26) - Case Transferred to NBC (Notice mentioned to speed up processing) Oct 2020 - (10/02) - Existing Fingerprints applied to case. Aug 2020 - (08/22) - Paper NOA in mail (extension letter) Aug 2020 - (08/11) - eNOA received over text - SRCXXXXXXXXXX, Check Cashed. Aug 2020 - (08/01) - ROC Package Received (Dallas PO Box) Jul 2020 - (07/29) - Sent ROC Package via USPS 🤞🏽
  2. You’ll get there soon!! Thanks so much.. so relieved, now onwards to preparing for the next chapter in 12 months, the N-400..
  3. Likely that it’s being sent to NBC for expedited processing!! Fingers crossed...good luck
  4. Wheeeww!! Relieved, big time!! you can see my signature for exact timeline for exact dates. My online status also did show approval at a point in time, but since then it also showed Card being processed and now it shows the following Card Was Picked Up By The United States Postal Service
  5. No, I did not get any interview notice. Good luck, it sounds like you’re trending in the same direction! Check your case status online, mine shows now (with the tracking number) Card Was Picked Up By The United States Postal Service
  6. Thanks a lot!! Good luck to you. Things are moving along pretty fast these days.
  7. Checked USPS informed delivery email earlier last month and received a Case Transfer Notice to National Benefits Center which explicitly noted "In order to speed up your processing"...and I was like meh...whats going to get sped up in this environment... To my astonishment, I checked my mailbox this evening to unveil a letter from USCIS which had my I-751 Final Approval Notice!! Super excited and relieved! Waiting on the Permanent Card to come through...
  8. Just checked casestatus online on a whim... Original fingerprints applied to I-751 case../ No notification in my email/waiting on USPS informed delivery scan...
  9. I believe all the folks have explained that I-751 is the way to go...however, just wanted to clarify that I-90 is a completely different form as compared to I-751. The basis for filing form I-90 is for renewing/replacing your Permanent Green Card or if there are problems/corrections with your conditional green card...
  10. Sadly, there's no formula for 100% success rate using either USPS/Fedex or UPS. Basically whatever you're comfortable using...I, for example, did my AOS filing with Fedex and my ROC filing with USPS. Fedex/UPS offer(s) the ability to have someone sign for the package, I guess, since it is not at a lockbox facility. On the kind of box...it all depends on how much paperwork you've gathered, and if it needs/warrants a bigger box. See the 1st post on this Aug 2020 filers thread, I posted a picture of my paperwork/package. Total number of pages for me turned out to be ~75. I was able to send them in the USPS priority mail envelope that sideloads... Good luck!
  11. still waiting on my NOA. Nothing in USPS informed delivery, yet. Losing a slight bit of sleep. The eNOA did say that I should receive something by Aug 30. 🤞🏽
  12. Binged it during this shutdown! Best time ever... haha
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