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  1. @nosleep & @TandClaudia You actually would've been fine using the old form. That's the one I sent in and was fine. It said on the USCIS website they would except the old form until April 28th, but starting the 29th it wouldn't be accepted. I was like you and had the form filled out for months before actually sending it. But good eye for catching the expiration dates!! @nosleep Here's hoping it's as simple as a check box or line.
  2. I129F approved! Got the notice on the new website, nothing in the old site/app and no letter yet. Thankfully my fiance is here with me for another 3 weeks so we got it together. He'll be extra busy when he returns. He's ordering his ACRO today. NOA1 April 4 NOA2 July 10 Beneficiary is from Northern Ireland, UK
  3. Woke up to this beautiful sight on the new website. I've been checking multiple times a day over the last couple weeks and it appeared today. Nothing in the app or on the old site. Haven't gotten the paper notice yet either. Fiance is here for another 3 weeks so he'll be extra busy when he goes back to Northern Ireland. So happy and relieved! NOA1 4/4 NOA2 7/10
  4. You have to search within a range of case numbers to check that. Here's my screenshot example: (my case number is not what I'm using for privacy) Use a case number and the max amount of files from that case number is 500. Just keep searching there and sorting by form type if you choose.
  5. Still waiting also. It's hard to see all these NOA2s weeks after yours. Trying to keep positive knowing this wait is still months faster than previous filers. NOA1 Apr 4 (sent in Mar)
  6. How crazy... I'm from Utah too! Congrats on your NOA2s!
  7. Which app did you use? When I search USCIS case tracker I get quite a few options. Plus I thought I read somewhere there wasn't an official app....but maybe I misunderstood. Thanks for you help!
  8. Yes, our estimate has gone down by 10days in the 23 days since our NOA1. It is of course an estimate based on people's timelines being updated but if you look in Dec and Jan filers groups a lot have already gotten their NOA2s. Definitely promising, but I don't want to get my hopes up.
  9. It does seem to be in a quicker upswing right now. I'm choosing to think of it as an optimistic guesstimate. Hope for it to be true, but won't be surprised if it's closer to 5-6mo instead. We got our NOA1 today too but our estimate is Aug 5-12. I'm curious what all they use for those dates since they're not the same. 🤔 (not that a few days makes a lick of a difference, just the data analyst in me wonders 🤓)
  10. Just got the text notification that our case has been received!😍🥳 Super happy to add today's date to our timeline.✔
  11. I'm not quite sure where we belong but I'm gonna say here. We filed via USPS Priority Mail on 3/29 but it wasn't delivered until 4/2. So, no NOA1 yet...of course. Happy to finally be here though! And congrats to you all for getting to this point of our journey!
  12. Thank you all for helping ease my paranoia. Only day 1 of a long process too.🙄😊
  13. After practically a year of reading about filing the K1 petition on VJ & USCIS while waiting for my fiance's ex to stop fighting the divorce absolute process (living separated for years & she still had to cause problems!) I was able to mail our petition package to the Dallas lockbox. Then this evening I saw this saying that I should've added the form # on the envelope. It's on my cover letter & check... is missing it on the envelope going to cause a big problem, return or delay? TIA for any helpful responses.
  14. This is a great relief to hear about. My fiance is in Belfast too and we were wondering if its possible to do it in a day. This has put our minds at ease. Funny, I (USC) just left Belfast last week and too was delayed due to fog in London... but for 1 and a half days!
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