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  1. Our check was cashed the day after we got our text notification.
  2. Husband got his biometrics appointment letter in the mail today!! Only 14 days after we mailed the package. His appointment is on December 30th. So happy things are going lots faster than I thought in the beginning. I know itll be many months or a year after this though. It isn't as bad as the k1 wait though because we're together waiting. 😎
  3. Some take a month to get their paper NOA1. I wouldn't worry yet.
  4. I said I filed my NOA2/I797. It says OR I129 petition, not AND.? My 'I think' was I couldn't remember the number at the top but I was right about it being 797.
  5. Question: I sent my K1 NOA2 (I797 I think) with our AOS, but what is the approved copy of k1 application? We never got our application back with approved on it? The only approvals were NOA2 and the actual visa??
  6. We got our text notification of receipt of our package yesterday. Our case numbers start with MSC. Is that where all K1 AOS go (like WAC for K1) or is there a difference?
  7. I can answer what happened to us a few months ago in London. My fiance didn't think about a false accusation that had happened 13yrs ago and put none on all the forms. He got his ACRO back and it too said NO TRACE. however, a few days before his interview the embassy emailed him that they canceled his interview and said he was required to get a SAR and then reschedule his interview. We were confused because he had no trace and my fiance hadn't even thought about the false accusation. He lived in Northern Ireland so required a plane ride and since we had nonrefundable tickets he scrambled to get a SAR from the NI police for his interview. When he got there, the refused his interview all together because he hadn't gotten the SAR from ACRO. He ordered the ACRO that day and got it a month later. It did have the old false accusation on it but said no action. Thankfully he had saved papers from NI police and his solicitor from years ago with the details and brought those along with the SAR for his new interview a month later. He was put into AP to review those documents and we got the visa a week later. Moral of the story: I'd get a SAR to be safe before going.
  8. Filed our AOS, EAD & AP today! Honestly, I'm kinda happy to be just filing and waiting for a bit. 😀 All the last parts of k1 were a whirlwind for us.
  9. My fiance was only separated (but for 3years) when we met and dated. His divorce was final 1 day before I sent in our i129. Nobody asked a single question. We were approved and he'll be here in 2 days.
  10. Oh no! Sorry, didn't realize you were CR1. Yes, via the green website. Just email or use the contact form on the green site then. I'm sure many people have to reschedule those too.
  11. Online. They do not accept phone calls at all. All communication is online/via email. But rescheduling is as easy as setting up the original appointment. Good luck!
  12. We've rescheduled our date twice without problems. Our date never had past. In fact this last time we picked an appointment at 9am but then realized our plane wouldn't arrive in London on time so rescheduled 30min later for the 11am slot instead. If you have missed your appointment you have to pay a fee to reschedule so make sure you don't wait. There were plenty of appointments mere days from booking date. They are mostly the earliest 8am ones, but you can book within a week.
  13. @Pooley I see you were approved and this is an old post,but curious if you ended up taking anything else other than the SAR and ACRO? My fiance had a No Trace on his ACRO and still was made to get a SAR. SAR showed an "arrest" that he didn't consider an arrest because it was a false accusation and was only phoned by the police to come in for a meeting. After a short 20min talk it was over. No charges, no prosecution and his SAR says No Further Action. I too am wondering what else to bring to prove this.
  14. Well, it looks like there was actually more to this story. My fiance received his SAR and there was something on it. It was a false accusation from 4 years ago. It is listed under the arrest heading but it says 'no further action' and 'no prosecution'. He was never actually arrested. Police called him to come down and he went and had a 20 minute discussion and the case was closed. So... what exactly do we need for this, if anything, other than the SAR? And will this affect our visa?
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