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  1. Thankfully my family is not in Managua but close to the border to Honduras. For them it's more economical. I would not stay near Managua at all. I know - I have seen the paramilitaries in Managua!
  2. Hi I think the better way to enter the US is with a spousal visa. Yes there is a wait and I know that the conditions in Nicaragua are awful right now. However it calmed down a little bit and it's more of an economical strain right now. I suggest to file I-130 for your spouse and wait out the process with him in Nicaragua if you can. You also need to establish domicile at some point, just something to keep in mind. I wish you all the best. Hang in there.
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  4. I meant if not I'd I came back on AP last August and had no issues whatsoever
  5. Well I'd you're scared don't go. But advanced parole is designed to let you back in after travel.
  6. Hi I don't recall receiving a document they stapled into the passport. I traveled through Atlanta coming from Nicaragua in August and they put a stamp in my passport which stated that I was paroled in. Being pulled into secondary inspection is normal for Advance Parole and it might still happen on a Green Card as well. Thank you for sharing your experience
  7. Hi I traveled on AP this August and was let back in without issues.
  8. Hello I'm an overstay who traveled on AP and got paroled back in. No issues at all. All the best to you and your family.
  9. Hello I just want some information if people from Nicaragua currently can seek asylum in the States if that individual is already in the States? Would the protests etc make a good case? I know they have been calming down and the last time I was there in July and August it already seemed calm. What happens if an asylum petition gets denied? Does this person get deported? Which forms need to be filed for an asylum petition? I'm only looking for information right now.
  10. Ouch. That hurt. In my case I had previously overstayed for five years and I needed to see my family especially my child who lives in my home country. I returned in August and I was paroled in without any issues.
  11. Hi there I was able to travel on AP and I came back without problem. I wouldn't stay outside the US for too long though. I only left for 2 weeks.
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    Travel on Advanced Parole

  13. He does not have to leave. File AOS as soon as possible. Include Form I-765 for the work permit and also I-131 just in case you need to travel. http://www.visajourney.com/content/k1k3aos
  14. I just traveled and returned on AP and my renewal is pending. My current AP is still valid. We'll see what happens.
  15. Larindra

    Travel to Uk using advanced parole

    I haven't flown from England but I recently came back to the States with advanced parole without an issue.