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  1. Leave that dousche bag immediately. Get the evidence of his time line and what he has done after arrival and getting paper works. Get evidences of his talking to his ex. Get the evidences of his not being caring to u. Get the evidences of his real colors and ungrateful actions. Gather all of them and write a page letter to USCIS. Go to local office with his Alien registration number or copy of USCIS paper works. Submit all of them together and get back your own life. He may or may not stay here; but that is not your concern any more. Atleast you better unhook yourself from that person. Sorry for some offensive words; the way u said really drew a bad picture of him.
  2. @bbeaan I read your post. Go for divorce; you can easily remove your condition if your marriage was real and based on love. You just need to prove it via documents and evidences of life events. Show you had love and that was genuine; if you can prove he had same then its a plus Show you guys shared life together like home, bills, plans, insurances, assets, future goals etc. Show you guys had feelings of married couple and you show you had best intention and genuine. Every case is different; you know how you can prove it. I was traumatized when I was getting divorced. even my ex filed written complains against me to take off her affidavit and to get me deported. I feel sorry what we went thru but it was over. I gathered evidences and I found one thing clearly in my evidences as par many observers -- I always tried to do what a right person would have done. Relationship can falls and none to blame here; it cant just work out. You can travel as long as your GC is not expired or if expired then if you have the NOA for extension. I did travel to Canada, China, India, Bangladesh in 2018-2019. Honestly now I feel -- It is really better to live your life instead of living for someone else who does not care u best. Good luck
  3. Did u get any interview? Feel free to share your timeline. Relationship-Marriage-Downfall- Duration- Evidences you provided for bonafide marriage or for other options. Our experience will help everyone. Feel free to share your timeline. Relationship-Marriage-Downfall- Duration- Evidences you provided for bonafide marriage or for other options. Our experience will help everyone.
  4. If you have your paper works organized then you don't need lawyer at all. Just think if you are genuine and how strong you are to present yourself. I hired an attorney for no good reason but just the peace of mind. Fill out the application, prepare a nice cover letter including the list of documents, place your reasoning in a nice order and go ahead by own filing. Lawyers don't create evidences; they just organize them and ask you to provide them. Check my timeline and the evidences I provided. My ex sent out letter and contacted USCIS when she thought me as threat for her new life. Emotion is a part of human chemistry and the IOS should understand that. Prove you had love before marriage and married in best faith; Prove you had all desires to construct a happy life and your intentions were genuine. Thats all they want to see. If nothing works then still you have rest of the world to give little space for your both feet. Bulgaria is a nice country; I am planning to travel this year end!
  5. Your time line and patterns match with my case a lot surprisingly. Like F1, marriage and other events. The only difference - No joint filing and divorced after 22 months of marriage. I wish you good luck and keep us posted about your result.
  6. Very well said! it won't be a big issue to answer that type question; obviously when you live 3-4 years of your life in a certain status and build your own business you are most likely to settle down in that way if you see your expertise or venture has no value in your originating country. That will be my answer to be honest.
  7. You pointed something really important and honestly - very wise note. Yes -- I went through psychological disaster after my divorce and could not get along with other girl/s. I will tell ISO same that I still have feelings for her and could not get rid off that yet. Only issue that burns my thought- if they ask Why you want to stay USA where you have no family or any relationship other than only educational and professional affiliation? I submitted moderately sufficient evidences; only last concern that comes in my thought- the derogatory letter of my ex to USCIS. She tried to pour little vengeance and mean words to withdraw her affidavit of support and also tried to get me deported for no good reason. Oh well; our relation went little awful at last stage and I talked with her rudely about her new relation even before our divorce. I hope USCIS will understand that I am a human being too and I have feelings as well. I guess I will get interview notice or a decision in less than 2 months; likely within September 30, 2019.
  8. Oh no -- Thats a weird point! I guess the ISO was ready to drop your case like denial but somehow trying to approve if you are married and have kids considering hardship. If it is the case then my case future is pretty bleak since I am not dating anyone nor married or no kid/s. Tough to guess !!!
  9. @jhaystorm Same question again- What documents they asked for after the interview? And what kind of conversation happened during interview? If you can tell us your experience pls and some details. Please also add what kind of supporting documents you send to USCIS at first with your file. I am trying to make this thread as one of most informative and real experience based for future guidelines to many people.
  10. I suggest you send the waiver application soonest before the interview. I don't know the procedure of switching to waiver in the interview. Or if you think you can get done with the divorce then take the final divorce decree with you and also try to get an affidavit from your soon to ex husband regarding the relation and marriage. Also try to add an affidavit from a close family member of him. Final divorce decree, Affidavit from him and one from his relative- You should be okay.
  11. Hello Folks: My file has came at Local office (99% chance I am going to have an interview) for field office verification. I don't know what field office verification or adjudication means. I did not receive any RFE yet; very likely I may end up directly with Interview notice. Once a lawyer told me: "What is the ground for filing condition removal if you are not married to USC anymore and if you don't have any extreme hardship reason or family ties at USA?" That is a very legit point though. I filed just good faith based; not hardship or extreme cruelty based. Can USCIS just ask me to leave USA and deny my application since I have no family ties and not married to USC anymore? I also don't have any job because I am self employed. I really don't have appropriate answer for this issue. I am getting frightened basically for no good reason. Did anyone face similar situation?
  12. I travelled 4 countries with extension letter. Just keep the original passport, original green card physical and original extension letter with you. You will be fine. Try to avoid to travel 2-3 weeks prior of expiry of extension (if applicable). I applied to I751 on April 30, 2018 and so far no decision. I heard it is taking 12-15 months for regular cases (married) and 15-24 months for waiver cases (divorced, VAWA, Hardship). Good Luck on your file!
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