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  1. My husband is from the West Bank (Palestine) and he had his Visa interview at the American Embassy in Jerusalem on August 23rd. He answered all of the typical questions and then the lady told him that his Visa is approved. She took his passport and told my husband that he will receive it with his Visa within 1-2 weeks due to the holidays coming up. He then got a call back a week later and they told him that they scheduled him for ANOTHER interview on September 11th. They questioned him during this interview more than the last and then at the end they kept his passport and told him they will put all of the information in and contact him when they are ready. The status has read "Ready" ever since he got his interview and while it shows they have updated the case, they still have not updated the status. I emailed the American Embassy in Jerusalem last week asking about the status of his case and I received this email: "Thank you for your email. We reviewed our records and found that your immigrant visa application is refused for administrative processing in order to verify your qualifications for the visa. Administrative processing often lasts at least 9 months but, in some instances, it can take significantly longer." Background Info: I am an American citizen - born and raised here. We had our wedding in the West Bank (Palestine) on August 11th but I had to return to America due to work. He has no criminal record and neither do I. We have ample proof of our relationship/wedding and we are of the same cultural background and religion. He works in Israel which is a good thing because Israel even performs intense background checks before letting Palestinians work there. I am absolutely miserable without him and I am tired of waiting on an ambiguous process!
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