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  1. Hello guys , Wondering if anybody have had an experience of the name change on the day of oath ceremony ? Is it possible to do it on the day of oath ceremony?
  2. Thank you for your reply. I was wondering if i dont owe any through my social security ,its my spouse unemployment which they forgot to report🤔🤔🤔
  3. Hi my quick question is is it gonna affect My citizenship if my US spouse owes back taxes to irs ? Any answer ll be highly appreciated .thqnk you guys
  4. Hello guys , i just got a notice in mail that my n400 interview is scheduled for next week on may 13th . They question is when i applied for my citizenship back in October 31st 2017 i didnt owe any taxes , but now we owe money to irs for 2018 and as i lost my job so we contacted irs and told them the situation and they said they are gonna put our account to not payable for 12 months as we got the letter from irs stating that we dont have to pay xxxc amount till march 2020 becayse of financial crises . SO I AM REALLY WORRIED ABOUT IF THEY ARE GOING TO DENY MY CITIZENSHIP APPLICATION ? any advice would be highly appreciated ... 😣😣😣😣😣
  5. I am predicting on based of what he mentionedabove , i had the same updates one after an other and i had my visa in hands within a month...
  6. No worries, you ll have you visa in hands within a month , good luck
  7. U dont need to be worried all the employment changes could be done when u go in ,just to be on safe side have ur husband to get a letter from his current employer stating hours hes working and what he makes hourly and ytd as well , that would help alot
  8. Good to know that your finally going in for an interview , let us know what questions do you got ?
  9. Hello vj friends , i am pretty frustrated rn ,as they cancelled my citizenship interview few months ago for unseen reasons and after 2 months they rescheduled it for December 20th , i was all prepared but yesterday got a mail that they have again cancelled my citizenship interview for unseen reasons.. dont know whats going on.. Does anyone have had similar experience as mine , please share. Ty
  10. No worries , same happened to me , i am taking my year 15 at my interview .. if they need it they ll ask u to bring it in on the day of interview ..good luck
  11. Thanks ,but they already had interview for i 751 like 3 months ago , 🤔🤔🤔🤔
  12. Enter your zip code and then click on the public records then enter ur full name n dob , it should pull up ur record no matter how old the ticket was its always available . Just try hard man u ll find it , trust me
  13. Hey no worries , click on this link and enter the zipcode http://www.courts.ca.gov/publicrecords.htm
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