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  1. Congratulations!!!! Do they not normally tell you on the spot if you’re approved or is it because you had a new worker interview you?
  2. Yeah! Mine was 5 working days excluding the weekend! You’ll get it soon, don’t worry!
  3. Mine took 5 days for the letter to arrive since the update so I’m not sure... do you have informed delivery?
  4. Just like Nicola and Jordan said, she/he is talking about their individual case and people are WELL AWARE others are waiting and it probably doesn’t feel the best. There’s no need for that patronising comment tbh.
  5. Yeah! I guess it’s not that bad to live in Ohio 😂
  6. That’s okay! You can show anything that shows you live together or have a life together. The post says 6 things on that list should be sufficient but you can show things that are not on the list. You can use your wedding photos, or wedding cards, or his letters and bank account with your address on it. Just use your imagination!
  7. I’ve posted here the list of things you can bring to prove your marriage is real, if you click previous I’m sure you’ll find it! It’s on page 74!!! Everything in that list is what I’m bringing as well as the stuff listed obviously on the interview letter which I have also posted on here
  8. Hi, if you’ve downloaded it before then you should go on the App Store, click on your icon and click on ‘purchases’ and scroll down. Even if it’s not available on the App Store anymore it should be available on there since you’ve downloaded it before
  9. Oh really!!!!! So basically I do have to wait for my green card for my driving license then haha
  10. Ahhh, thank you!!! I just have to wait for my EAD 😂
  11. I rang my BMV office and they said I can only get a driving license once I get my green card so you’re so lucky!!!!
  12. Just received my interview letter! It's scheduled for JUNE 6TH! Wohoo! The letter says 'Request for applicant to appear for initial interview' - What do they mean by initial? Do we have another interview? Confused.
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