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  1. Hello, I work for an Immigration attorney so if you have any questions, or need a step by step, please feel free to private message me. If you log into CEAC yourself then it should tell you why they're rejecting the documents. NVC is SUPER picky with how the documents are uploaded as another poster has said. I literally do the NVC process for numerous clients daily. Recently though CEAC are having an issue with uploading documents and the systems are down. You don't need a lawyer to upload the documents yourself as long as you have your case number and iv number. If you want me to go through it with you, please feel free to private message me!
  2. Hi, during my interview I wasn’t asked for anything but I had a missing vaccination (chicken pox vaccination). The IO asked me whether I wanted the RFE there and then or whether I would want it to be sent via mail. I asked for him to give me the letter there and then, got my vaccination and then went back to the office to hand it in. The next day my card was being produced. Maybe you can call and ask them if you can come in to get the letter? I’m not sure if you can do that but it’s worth the try.. It’s easier than waiting but it’s up to you
  3. I emailed them but it was the emergency email. I can’t find a normal email for them for visa inquiries
  4. Hi guys, a friend of mine from Pakistan received an email from the Islamabad embassy stating that they have attached the 3.5 packet but it seems as though they forgot to attach it to the email!!! How do we request this packet?? Does the embassy have a number for visa inquiries? Please help!!
  5. Hi, you don’t need to do anything. They’ll automatically get cancelled because of the approval of the green card
  6. thanks for replying! It seems as though the letter should have been sent before my interview since it says I have to wait for an interview or an RFE to send the document in. I didn’t receive a courtesy letter before then so I think they’re just really behind? Thanks so much, it’s driving me crazy!
  7. Hi guys, I've had my green card for 3 weeks and I've received a courtesy letter dated July 1st. It says that 'a completed and signed I-693 was not submitted' and I should wait for an interview in the mail to bring the document in or a RFE with further instructions otherwise my I-485 Application will be denied. This just does not make sense! At my interview I already was told I didn't have a completed I-693 as I didn't have my chicken pox vaccination. The same day after my interview, I went to get it done and signed off by a civil surgeon. Once this was done, I went back to the office and handed it in. The next day my card said 'green card is being produced' and now I have the green card in hand. This was 3 weeks ago. Have they sent this letter by accident? My I-485 has already been approved and I already have sent in a completed I-693. I'm really annoyed since I can't even call them since It's a Saturday. Please help! Thanks!
  8. Hey guys, I just opened the letter and I am SOOOO CONFUSED! It's dated 07/01/2019.. a courtesy letter telling me I haven't given in my completed and signed I-693 and if I receive an interview notice I should bring the information in?? I've already had an interview 3 weeks ago in which they told me I didn't get the chicken pox vaccination submitted so on the same day I went to get it done and got it signed by a civil surgeon then returned it to them. After that, the next day my green card was being produced and I have the green card in my hand? I don't know whats going on and I'm super annoyed. Please help!
  9. Hey guys, I’ve got my green card for 2 weeks and all is well but I just checked my email and clicked on USPS informed delivery email and there’s a letter from USCIS regarding my application to register permanent residence or adjust status??? I know I’m going to get the letter soon today but I’m panicked??? Why would they be sending me a letter? AHHHHH
  10. Congratulations! I felt the same.. I think it's because we're from the UK so we don't really get a grilling
  11. Okay! Thank you! I was going to go today and sort it out but I can't until I take my driving test tomorrow I guess
  12. Hey guys, if I go to the social security office to get rid of the 'DHS approval needed for work authorization', are they going to take the social security card away and issue one in the mail or will they give me a new one whilst I'm there?
  13. We adopted a puppy a month after I got here and I don’t know what id do without the company! He owes you a puppy!
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