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  1. I think I remember that being part of the AOS packet, that’s right. Thanks for your responses above. I just saw that we could still technically apply for an EAD under c9 status due to having a pending AOS, but I wonder if that would be worth it? His AOS update has been, “ready for interview to be scheduled” since the first week of March, and our local field office is pretty small. We’re just not sure how much longer this might take.
  2. I’m sorry if this is the wrong place to put this. My now-husband came to the US on a K1 visa last June, and we submitted an application for an SSN along with the I-94 soon after. It’s been a long time since all this happened, so I’m not quite sure about the details, but basically the local SS office said they had to send it for manual verification, I believe. This took weeks, I think even a couple of months. By the time they did this, they said the I-94 had expired (but it hadn’t expired by the time we submitted the actual application!). Because the I-94 was now expired, they told us there’s nothing they can do and that he cannot receive an SSN until after adjustment of status is completed. We (apparently stupidly) didn’t apply for an EAD as I’d thought I’d read that it’s a moot point and that by the time it comes there’s not much time to use it before it expires. So now my husband has not had a SSN all this time, and it has caused a lot of frustration with insurance and taxes, etc. Has anyone else been in this situation before? I’m not sure what, if anything, we can do now except wait for his AOS to be completed. After that it will be easy to apply for an SSN, right?
  3. Update: We heard from the NVC only about 2 weeks after receiving NAO2! We already got our case number. I actually received 3 emails from the NVC that day, and one of them said that they had approved our request for expedited processing, which is interesting since we never requested that. But all the info checks out, so we just feel pretty happy and lucky that it has fallen together so quickly! NAO1 - Sep 7 NAO2 - Mar 1 NVC receives case - Mar 16 NVC sends out case - Mar 22 US embassy emails us packet 3 - Mar 23
  4. Hey all. I have a question, and I could not find the answer on here anywhere with a search. Someone had asked before, but it was never answered (years ago in the original Scandinavians thread). So my fiancé (who is Norwegian and lives in Norway) and I got the checklist from the Swedish embassy today, so went ahead and filled out his DS-160 (it did not have us pay any fees, we just printed the confirmation page at the end). After that, we went to that ustraveldocs website for Sweden, and when we were filling it out we noticed it said in several places on the application that visa documents will ONLY be mailed to addresses in Sweden. It did not even give us the option to put Norway in the address area. As far as I understand, the purpose of providing the address is so that the passport can be mailed back to you with the visa inside afterwards, so we did not want to submit it before checking on this. He sent a message to the Swedish email address thing to ask for help, but we will probably not hear back from them for a while. Does anyone know what to do about this -- just ignore it, or are we using the wrong application, etc? Thanks!
  5. Thanks! Haha. I had mentioned the approval a couple days ago (not trying to be a "congratulations" hog here ) but I'm wondering if anyone else has had that issue with the USCIS website and/or the apps not updating after a whole week... Oh well. I guess it is the hard copy that matters. I'm still very happy. Won't be long now, everyone!
  6. I got my NAO2 in the mail, and it was dated 3/1... but there still has been no change on the USCIS website or the apps! Weird. NAO1 = Sep 7 NAO2 = Mar 1
  7. @ML915 Thanks! We’re excited. I received the NAO1 on Sept 5 (and that’s the “date received” on USCIS... but the notice date typed on the NAO1 was Sept 7, so I’ve been using that as the official date. Also apparently I wrote Oslo as the consulate on the I-129F... I guess I did that before realizing that only Stockholm processes K1 apps. I’m hopeful that the NVC will ignore my mistake and send it straight to Stockholm! Anyone on here have experience with that?
  8. We got our approval today!!! It came in the mail, and it had evidently been here since Mar 2nd... NAO1 was dated Mar 1st. We're so excited!!! The only thing that is worrying me a little is that the Consulate is listed as Oslo on the NAO2. Is that normal? I know it will ultimately need to go to Stockholm. NAO1 - Sep 7 NAO2 - Mar 1 Total: 175 days
  9. WE GOT APPROVED!!!! Nothing on USCIS website, nothing on either of the two USCIS apps.... Went down to the mailbox (I live in an apartment complex, so I don't check my mail very often), and THERE IT WAS!!! I could see the "approved" writing on the letter through the envelope window panel, as another person in this thread did. The craziest part is that this NAO2 is dated 3/1, and the envelope is stamped 3/2... so it has been here for at least 2-3 days! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NAO1: Sept 7 NAO2: Mar 1
  10. Question about documents: My fiancé's police certificate is the equivalent of the uttømmende politiattest, just that it is entirely in English (as he requested). Is it necessary to provide the Norwegian version too? I know the English translation is required, but what about the Norwegian version? I'm thinking not, but I don't know how pedantic to be about it!
  11. I woke up to that and had the exact same reaction! I came on here to see if anyone else had mentioned it, but it was too early. Boooo. Happy birthday!
  12. @L and E Weird. For some reason I don't think I had ever clicked on the Portals section before. It's useful to see all that country-specific info in one place. Thanks!
  13. Thanks for that detailed review! I sent it to my fiancé, and he found it really helpful (and of course there is less anxiety when you know what to expect)!
  14. Maybe this is a dumb question, but how can I find the stats page you mentioned? I tried Googling and also looking at the Swedish embassy website (since that's where my fiancé will go through), but I couldn't find anything.
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