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  1. Interview on August 9 2019 My interview went well! Our officer seem serious at first but then he was very friendly and a young one. He asked for our IDs, he reviewed the i-485 form with me, asked me my name, address and parents name as well as the yes and no questions and then he reviewed the i-130 with my husband, asked him where he lived and his parents names and if he knew the penalties written on the form. Then he asked for our birth certificates, my visa and passport which i used to enter the united states when i was a minor. After requesting that evidence he asked how we met, how did he asked me out, and while we were telling our story we showed him pictures. (We made a lil summary of 4 pictures every years for the 7 years we dated and the 3 years after that where we had our engagement, court wedding and religiuos wedding. He was surprised we were high school sweet hearts and the pictures could prove it lol. After all that he asked if we had questions and told us that “the only reason he couldnt do it” was because the computers were down but that to him we showed to have a bonafide marriage. (I dont know if to take that as approved) lol either way he said to check on the mail tuesday as he wasnt going to be there monday. + More Options
  2. Just to update you guys, here are different PD from nashvillians and their interview date so we all can get an idea of how long our process is taking at the Nashville Field office. ———PD———. —INTERVIEW— —TIME June 18 April 1. 9m 14days June 21. April 1. 9m 11days July 5. April 10. 9m 5 days July 13. May 6. 9m 23days August 24. May 30. 9m 6 days Sep 5. June 17. 9m 12 days Sep 19. June 28 9m 9 days This info was gather from this forum and other forums/pages for nashville Filers!
  3. Hii! Im a nashville filer too! Would you mind updating your timeline here its a forum for all nashvillians!
  4. Heyy! Would you mind following this thread? It was made for all nashvillians applying for AOS
  5. I’ve just seen you’re from chattanooga. Would you mind updating your timeline here ? Its a forum for all nashville filers
  6. UPDATE a september 5 2018 filer got schedule on may 13 for her interview to be done on june 17.
  7. On the last two weeks ive seen someone from august 20 something get schedule for may 30. After that i havent heard from anybody. To my belief they are either still scheduling august filers or starting to schedule september filers even though i havent heard from anyone from september.
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