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  1. Hi. Will our AOS be denied if we get married and file 1 month after the 90 day K1 period?
  2. Can you do another medical and request a new extension on your K1, if the reason behind the shorter validity period is medical? And if the reason behind the shorter validity period isn't due to medical, then what else could it be?
  3. I overstayed the 60 day grace period of my F1 visa back in 2015 for a period of 30 days. The reason for my overstay was because I was waiting for my masters diploma to be issued, since the college I attended doesn't ship diplomas internationally. Would I be required to fill out a waiver for my 30 day overstay? I have already filled out the DS160 and disclosed this information. We're just waiting for the interview to be scheduled at this point
  4. You need a waiver for a one week overstay? I wasn't aware of that. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong, but you would need a waiver if you've overstayed your visa for 6 months or more, no?
  5. Thank you so much guys. I really appreciate your advice.
  6. My NOA2 expired on Feb 10th. A couple of days prior, I emailed the embassy requesting for an extension, but they never responded to my email. On CEAC it still shows "Ready" for the case status, and that the case was last updated was on Dec 16th (Dec 13th was our interview date, but we emailed the embassy on the 10th of Dec requesting for it to be canceled and postponed until further notice) Would anyone happen to know what this probably means? And is there a way for me to check the new expiration date of our NOA2? I'm assuming since it still says Ready that our case is still valid or has been automatically extended?
  7. Hi, Can you tell me how you scheduled your k1 interview at usatraveldocs? Because its only letting me schedule appointments for non immigrant visas (which k1 doesn't fall under). Thank you.
  8. Hi. Did you figure out how to book your K1 appointment on usatraveldocs.com?

  9. I'm facing the same issue with usatraveldocs too. I'm trying to schedule my interview appointment but it will only let me do so with non immigrant visas. If anyone can shed some light on this it would be great.
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