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  1. San Antonio Field. Status changed to “Interview was Scheduled” on 1/07/19 and my wife’s due date for our baby boy is in early march. Hoping the interview is before march.
  2. San Antonio Update!!! Just received an online update for my wife’s EAD “New Card Is Being Produced”. Form was received July 9.
  3. My status changed to “Case is Ready to Be Scheduled for An Interview” on 08/21 and never heard anything till now.
  4. Download “Case Tracker for USCIS”.
  5. Recieved my bio letter yesterday and appointment this coming Aug. 15.
  6. Filed all three July 6. Package received July 9. E notification July 24.
  7. July 6th here and still waiting😌😌😌 hoping for the best this week!
  8. You’ll be fine without SSN. Like you said, you can get your SSN once you have your EAD with an expired I94.
  9. You don’t need to check the box if you are going to the SSN Office. It’s probably faster getting your SSN card at the office and you need to get it done before your I-94 expires.
  10. Yes, your certified copy of marriage license is your proof to use your husbands last name and you will get your green card with your married name.
  11. You should get your enotification soon. Goodluck!
  12. Yes, use married name.
  13. reyjay

    cenomar/birth certificate

    Yes, bring it.