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  1. Think about it this way ,waivers take usually between 8 months to a year sometimes less sometime more ,when it came to me I had to redo everything again even sponsorship papers ,taxes ,ds260,police records ,medical and the visa fee ,your application will not be considered new unless you abandon it and year passes without them hearing from you ,unless you have a visa waiver processing then forget about what I said . End of the day you have to refresh all your documents cause they will need new documents for anything older than 6 months. Good luck
  2. Yes I did and trust me you have to be patient. You will get it in time ,it drove me crazy but after almost 2 months I got the package and statues changed to issued .now I'm in the US .good luck to you guys
  3. I got in trouble with the law when i was a teenager and had a felony on my record that i could not expunge and you are welcome
  4. Hello , mostly hardship and the effect it has on my family who lives in the US , we had to so lots of supporting documents from police reports ,physiological evaluation from certified doctors in the US , and of course had to hire a lawyer who specializes in waivers since its not an easy thing to get approved or at least that is what i understood from my research and the lawyers i spoke too .
  5. Sorry i looked and confirmed now that it took from ready to issued 46 days exactly then another week even less to receive the package .
  6. Hey Ahammad ,after many sleepless nights and worrying about it I finally got it and now I'm in the US ,it didn't take 7 to 10 business days as they told me after the interview ,it took me exactly 67 days from the day of the interview until the status showed issued online .then less then a week after I recieved the package.
  7. Hello everyone , This might be a stupid question but looking for an answer please ,friend of mine entered the US on a tourist visa and received this stamp ,we are wondering how long his length of stay legally here in the US is since there was no date on the stamp . Thank you
  8. Thank you so much, I will be happier when I see issued. Thanks I'm looking forward to issued status and passport this week or next week
  9. Thank you I can't wait .its been a 9 year process for my F1 category visa .cant wait to see my family .
  10. @Greenbaum I just received this email from the embassy right after th3 status changed which is in the last hour .
  11. @Greenbaum thank you so much ,your always very informative with your answer ,hoping for good news soon .
  12. Hey after waiting 2 and half months today my status changed from ready to AP .hope its good news soon .thanks for asking
  13. That's a good start. First thing my lawyer checked was how long I was banned from US, which was 10 years because of my stupity when I was a teenager, second she checked if I'm eligible for a waiver since not everyone is. I would check those 2 main important issues first then go from there. Good luck
  14. That's exactly what happened with me, went to interview and was denied and luckily they said I'm eligible for a waiver since it depends on the reason or reasons for the deportation, it took my lawyer who specializes in immigration waivers almost 3 months to get everything together and file it, took me 11 months to get the approval which was last feb, went for a second interview on May 22 and got verbally approved and nothing else was requested, it's been over 2 months and still no visa but I know I'll get it soon enough. Good luck and get a good lawyer, waivers are not easily approved, I know mine was very difficult because of what was requested from our lawyer but it was worth it. Forgot to mention that my visa is for an F1 category
  15. From my families experience it took mom to get it from my USC brother 3 years then after she became a USC she applied for me and I'm unmarried over 21 , so far 9 years for me and now I'm waiting for my visa to arrive after my last interview on May 22. It's a long process as mentioned above and uneasy one from my experience at least.
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