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  1. From my families experience it took mom to get it from my USC brother 3 years then after she became a USC she applied for me and I'm unmarried over 21 , so far 9 years for me and now I'm waiting for my visa to arrive after my last interview on May 22. It's a long process as mentioned above and uneasy one from my experience at least.
  2. Up to 60,000 foreigners from seven majority-Muslim countries had their visas cancelled after President Donald Trump’s executive order blocked them from travelling to the US, the State Department said Friday. That figure contradicts a Justice Department lawyer’s statement Friday during a court hearing in Virginia about the ban. The lawyer in that case said that about 100,000 visas had been revoked. The State Department clarified that the higher figure includes diplomatic and other visas that were actually exempted from the travel ban, as well as expired visas.Trump’s order, issued last Friday, temporarily bans travel for people from Iran, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Somalia, Libya and Yemen. It also temporarily halts Te refugee program. Morocco is not one of em
  3. Word of advice find a sponsor and have him/her ready before your interview if you are sure you need one.not having one will only slow down the process during and after the interview. If you got asked for one then it's up to you how fast you can provide them with one and how fast you can forward your required papers back to them. Which most likely will put you in Administrative processing.
  4. Thank you, just remember each case is processed differently, I was told from my attorney and the embassy it would take around 4-6 months but ended it 11 months.,but in the end it will be worth it. Good luck
  5. My waiver I 601 took exactly 11 month, applied in April 2018 and got approved on Feb 14 2019
  6. He Is right I'm talking about administration processing for I 601 waiver
  7. I got AP after first interview and after I received the approvel it took a 2 weeks to set up the interview ,new medical and new police clearance . got approved verbally at my May 22 interview and now waiting on my passport with visa .
  8. Everyone told me including my lawyer and online it would take 4 to 6 months but it actually took around 11 months almost a year to hear something from them .
  9. Got it based on my 70 year old mother who's a US citizen. Of course my 3 older brothers who is USC as well helped but mom was the main qualifying reason for this.
  10. It's not an easy process, the ladies and gentlemen here know their stuff more than I ever will but all I could say is get a good attorney who specializes in waivers. Costly and it's a fight but I got mine approved and it was worth it.
  11. In the US absolutely but embassy in Jerusalem was open today and I spoke to them on the phone, they had only yesterday off.
  12. Any news guys about your visa since change of status last time??
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