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  1. I actually saw a post on Avvo that I think is the same one you saw and there were a bunch of other issues there
  2. I don't have anything since we didn't move to a new place or had a joined account, all bills were on his name we didn't change anything
  3. I am worried that they might ask me why I changed the address one month after arrival and he didn't and it might look suspicious to them, I don''t have any documents that prove we ever lived together since he owns his house and we never had a joined bank account.
  4. I received my 10 year green card 6 months ago (that's when I entered the country) We never lived together before and after moving in together my husband became very abusive mostly verbally, every little argument triggered him calling me names. about a month after I arrived he slammed my head against the wall, I took my stuff that night and went to stay with my friend. I didn't call the police, I just left. This made him very angry and he said he will do everything to deport me, That same moment I changed the address on the USCIS website and I received my 10 year GC at my friends address. A month later he begged me to come back and stupidly I went back and believed him when he said he won't do that again, but a few days later the verbal abuse started again and I realized that when he gets mad he has no boundaries and he is acting like a wild animal. I left again. now I want to file for a divorce. he is saying he will report me for fraud and that the USCIS will investigate me and deport me, he said that the fact that I left so fast will help his claim that this was fraud. I am wondering what will happen 5 years from now when I apply for naturalization? will they investigate me because I changed the address one month after I arrived? will they deny me? if he report me, will I get into trouble?
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