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  1. Yousrariad

    Status change

    It's normal, it's going to change again to AP then Issued don't worry
  2. Did they send ur case back to USCIS?
  3. Can you please tell me when is the last time they update ur case? I'm not talking abt when u send them emails because they automatically update ur case! Did they give you 221(g)? Or only the new form That called DS5535?? or both? Where was ur interview?
  4. Yousrariad

    Administration prosesing

    Any news?
  5. Yousrariad

    Need help

    Does your wife still under administrative processing?? Or they issued her visa??
  6. I see! Anyways nothing is matter now ... this is how moroccam administration works ...wishing u all the best ❤️
  7. How long took from issuing the visa till Aramex send you message to pick it up Thanks alot I really appreciate
  8. Yaay!! Congrats 🎊 finally visa in hand 🤚 , extremely happy for you , pray for me xx wish u all the best with ur husband 😘
  9. Hey babe have you received ur passport from Aramex or not yet??!!
  10. Oh my godness sorry to hear that but why they return ur case to uscis?? Different age? Are u both Moroccans?
  11. Yousrariad

    K1 visa denied

    Did the CO tell you ur visa is denied??? Or administrative processing?? when u check ur status what does it say???
  12. That's frustrating! Sorry to hear that! Hopefully you will reunited soon! Did you send them all thet documents that you were asked to submit? And what do u think the reason why they sent you case back to uscis