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  1. You're welcome, ask him to try Jacob Engineering, they do a lot of work with OCP and if he need referral I can provide him with some of my classmate name to put down, it`s always a plus, lah yasar.
  2. My advice to your husband if he got engineering degree from Morocco, get evaluation and register for master degree in US, he will find a job really quick and maybe he can do his FE or PE if he got 8 years of international experience. If you guys need any advice on engineering let me know.
  3. Congratulation!!! she should be ready this time and well prepared.
  4. Normally when you go to Casa for interview you have to pay a fee that`s what I`m talking about, maybe CR-1 is different.
  5. Does anybody know the fee we have to pay at the consulate for interview, I`m little confused based on what I found on Travel.state.gov Immigrant petition for relative (I-130) $535.00
  6. I heard she is the best one, I`m thinking about sending my wife to her instead of the one in Rabat. Doctor will give your wife a sealed envelope at the end of her visit to take with her to the interview.
  7. you're welcome, good luck to you as well. Inshallah ykon lkhir.
  8. October 30 is our interview date, my wife is planning to go to the one in Rabat since she lives close to it. most likely our interview will be in early November.
  9. thank you, inshallah ykon khir. what do you mean by CC, case complete! our case was completed on August 7th. did you get interview date yet?
  10. we discussed my divorced and know everything about it now
  11. when they asked my wife about my divorced she didn`t answer correctly, they even asked her about my ex-wife name and she didn`t know. that`s the only thing I know
  12. We just received interview date today for our CR1 visa, any advise of what we should do to prepare for interview, we are trying to be prepared this time since our K1 visa was denied last year ?
  13. hopefully you will hear something very soon.