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  1. Congratulations Madelinesha.. Hopefully and praying my fiance will get his mail later too:-) :-) ..186 days and patiently waiting...
  2. wow congratulation.......
  3. Thank you for replying...what's your RFE?..
  4. Confusing...may i know when is your noa 1..?and received date ?:-) :-)
  5. @Deepakchani Am I correct? :-) :-) :-) :-)
  6. Thanks Naes...I'm not living in Japan,I used to work there 2000_ 2005..And I haven't return there since....God bless all Berries..
  7. Hi,,,I'm September filer my noa 1 is September 11....I would like to ask about police clearance from Japan..I already received my Japan Police Clearance last October 2017..It took 2 months before I received it and its sealed ..I didn't open it..Is that still fine until I have interview Godswill ?I'm worried because it's 4months now and some I read Japan Police Clearance only 6months expiration...
  8. I ask already Japan Police Embassy before Davao consulate,,manila japan said just bring my passport no need letter from embassy .Me and my Fiance went inside Jpan Embassy manila and talk the guy insde...and Davao Japan Consulate The lady told me to bring my NOA1 hard copy beccause thats the usem told them thats the requirements and they let me to have police clearance ..Thers also other Pilipina from davao got their police clearance showing only noa1 hard copy.And They have no problem..The lady told me sometimes it tooks 3 months or more because were in Davao ,but in Manila just only 2 months or 1 month and half...and they gave me receipt to update my police clearance...
  9. Just to update,,,,...We sent our packet September 5 and got noa1 september 11,, september 16 hard copy of noa 1.I decided to get Police Clearance in Davao showing my noa1 hard copy and had finger prints directly inside 4 times(had a problem in my skin dry)...They said it will release 2 to 3 months .Its okay if 3 months because im still waiting for my noa2.I ask the lady in Japan embassy consulate how many months the expiration but they said they dont know...And luckily theres also schedule for CFO in Davao this november 2017 and had an appointment already...No need to go in manila ..Happy and relaxing...Thanks and praying Noa2 will come soon..
  10. Hi everyone..,I'm from Davao City Philippines..My fiance will arrive August this year 2017(2nd trip).and we are going to gather our documents and evidence requirements if he is here already.From Davao,I'm going to Manila to pick him up from the airport Manila..and stay for 3days,before going back to Davao..after 2weeks stay in the Philippines he will go back to usa and bring what we prepared for packet for k1/k2 visa. My question is,,can I get police certificate japan embassy Manila too early?without any letter from us embassy or noa1 yet while I'm there in Manila?(I've worked before in.japan 2005 ...) If yes ,,Is that acceptable to usem,the early date of police clearance from Japan embassy? ,,how many months before expiration the police clearance From.japan ? If not,,,what is.the best thing to do ,to get police certificate?before interview,and what should I bring requirements from usem to get police certificate japan? Thanks for reading ,hope you can help me.this...God bless...