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  1. Oh Thank you! That really makes sense, the snowstorms in IA has been so bad that schools and offices have to be closed. I really appreciate your reply that just made me feel at ease
  2. Hi, We've filed an AOS on July 9, 2018. After 8 months from filing we've finally received a letter last weekend that says they've set a schedule for our interview on April 10th. But today we received another letter saying that the interview has been canceled. Does anybody had the same situation before? I know someone who lives the same state as me and their interview schedule has been canceled as well. We have no idea whats going on.
  3. Hi everybody! I've reading this thread and I just realised my I-485 application status still says "Finger Fee was Received" although my EAD status just changed today (on October 16, 2018) into "New Card is Being Produced". Does anybody has the same track with me?
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