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  1. Thank you,....omg yes Amen I'm so so happy for you I know I know the feeling you have right now it is an AMAZING feeling
  2. Hello all. It's been awhile but just wanted to update everyone,my husband went to his interview on the 6th and was approved he will have his green card this week we applied for AOS in November
  3. I'm trying to send an screen shot but it's to large...we got the case numbe March 6th,Haiti and DR both put in the request for transfer same day. April 26 cam and it still was not transferred. But May 1st it was transferred... email me if you need me to send you the emails I sent to both DR and Haiti to request our transfers.... prenelusfamilyforever@gmail.com
  4. So sorry for the long pause. I been working so much. What's the status?have you heard anything yet? I hate that this happened,let me see if I can find my timeline
  5. Oh my,I'm so sorry to hear about this,yet another couple that this system has shown a big failure to smh. The dates update sometimes. The next available date they had was al the way in july but we were in the month of April,I called Haiti embassy and asked for an expedited interview date they put in the request but said it's nothing they can do just check back for more dates. Witch it did and sure enough a day or 2 later maybe 3 days, they had alot of May dates open. I don't know if it's because I called and that made them open more appointments or did it just happen on it's own. They also said the will update the expiration on it's on, and a different person told me as long as you make the interview before expiration your fine smh. They tell us anything to get us off the phone
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