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  1. The official court date from the eyes of USCIS, EMBASSY will be what is documented on the COURT ORDER.
  2. UPDATE: I went to a different location and they processed the application with NO problems. I didn't have to explain anything. They took my husband passport, asked him two questions and handed him a receipt.
  3. Thank you!!! I told my husband we will try another office. You would think they have a policy/procedure across all offices so that everyone is on the same page. Sounds like some people have been improperly trained.
  4. Hello fellow VJ members can someone help clarify this issue my husband is having with applying for a SSN. His visa expired 5 days ago however he does have the I-551 stamped on his Visa. He entered US last month and even though we selected to have a SSN assigned he still has not received a Social Security card. We went to Social Security Administration to fill out for a SS card. When the agent was entering his information in the system she told us/him that she couldn't process the application because the Visa was expired and he would have to wait until his GC comes in order to apply. From my understanding the "issued date" and "expiration date" on the Visa refers to the time he have to migrate to US. Once he entered the states, CBP would stamp/endorse his passport with the date of entry. The Visa would now serve as a temporary GC from that date to the following year therefore the expiration date on the Visa is not valid. However, the agent was telling us that they couldn't proceed with processing the I-551 stamp with the expiration date. Then she said that the system requires an expiration date to be entered in the field and it's not going to take the date on the visa, and that is the only expiration date she see. I told her that expiration date should be a1year from the endorsement stamp. She told me that she was not going to enter a date that i'm "making up" I'm confused!!! Have anyone else had this issue? I would like to hear from others if i'm misunderstanding the I-551 stamp and applying for a SSN. We have gone to the SSA twice and both agents were having the same issue with the visa being expired. I even called SSA and the agent i spoke with also said that the I-551 should have been honored.
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