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  1. Oh yeah they been going for counseling since four and a half months now , and they start doing pretty good , but she wants him to get back to her house again where he was asked to move out by the police , he rather want her to come to his own apartment where he hired for a permanent stay and she doesn't want it that way !!!
  2. That's is not an option , if you can't help it , pls I don't need your comments here , I'm only finding a solution for him not an argument ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿ˜œ!!!
  3. Pls if you can't give a good advice kindly don't comments on it ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™
  4. No she wants the marriage to stick like that even if he don't want to come back to her house , but will be going to him at anytime she wants to has her husband. And because of that he decided not to get into a divorce.
  5. Hello fellow VJ members , my friend and his wife have been separated quite about four years now and but we still talking and be seeing each other. She used to raise her hand on him most of the time and he was asked to get out from the house by the police , even though they didn't give him any decumment to prove it . They only took a statement and video him everything that was happened. However , he want to know whether our separation is going to effect applying for a citizenship in the future as he still love her and don't want to get a divorce.
  6. On IR1 visa , which is for ten years ,and he have it with him .
  7. He didn't plan for any divorce but she is the one treating him if he didn't come back she will find her way out because if he really love her, he won't leave the house.
  8. Fellow members last two weeks I discussed here about my friend problems with his wife and her parents , thanks God he was able to get out from that house and went to settled with a philanthropy in another county near by . My next question is he asked his wife to come and join him after he find a job and get his own place to live which she refused , but did only continued asking him to come back at that house where they maltreated him. Is this going to effect him when he want to Naturalize to become a United States Citizen in the future . Thanks.
  9. Yes you will get an email and a text massage in your phone, we all get one.
  10. I have already got the real solution from you and I'm going to tell him once again and thanks you all very much
  11. Yes I did told him , he said he call them the police but couldn't be able to describe the location properly for them to come over there , and he don't want his wife and her parents to know about since the police didn't know the exact place to come for him , the problem is , he can't speak good English.
  12. Yes I told him and he his now seriously searching for a job and they are not helping him out to get it .
  13. He told me they once seized his documents and scattered all things in his bag , also took his phone not be able to call nobody .
  14. They seems to live in a place where they are no public transportation for him to get his way out and they are also treating him with gun .
  15. I don't know , but he told me she beat him before and told him she spend a lot on him , that she want him to pay her back and he promised to work and pay her back but still they keep on treating him like slave in that house , washing plate's , etc. That they will deport him if he didn't take care .
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