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  1. That's great news! My response for review is still under review
  2. I was told that they mailed a response to my service request but I did not receive it in mail yet. They are taking long time
  3. No update yet. My status is that on March 11, 2019, they received my response to request for evidence. I did make a service request and on April 11 they said to allow 60 days for a decision but still nothing from them. I put another service request and I am supposed to get a response by july 30. Did you get anything yet?
  4. It is better to try. You never know what will work. Our process did move forward but it is hard to say what made it move forward
  5. Yes, I got response but my case is still at uscis waiting for review
  6. Hi, I am in the same stage. We gave additional evidence and they received it on March 11. Waiting for the next step.
  7. Hi, My question is how long does NBC take after USCIS reaffirms a case. History: I130 Case was returned to USCIS after the interview. Now USCIS is reviewing the case again. I read alot about how long USCIS takes to issue NOIR and then reaffirm the case but I don't know how long the case generally stays at NVC. Any guidance will be appreciated
  8. We sent our response to NOIR and the TSC received it on March 11, 2019. Waiting..
  9. Hi, Did you get your case reaffirmed? I got NOIR notice and response will be sent this week
  10. Contacted an immigration attorney. Am told to restart the application. He says to refile the I-130 from the start. Anyone has any input?
  11. Do you have any update? I am waiting for NOIR as well
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