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  1. I submitted my medicals May 22nd and June 11th new card was being produced nyc.
  2. 33 months long wait... congratulations 🥳🥳🥳it will all be over soon😊
  3. Everytime I see you'll give the timeline to file for citizenship I laugh and shake my head because when I got my gc from my attorney she send me an email saying I am eligible in 5 years to file for citizenship and she made sure to add March 11th 2026. She's the one who filed my vawa she know I was married to a USC but she don't know am eligible to file in 3 years? Thank God I found this group you guys know alot more than half of these attorneys, good for her when she's waiting for me to file March 11th 2026 I will already be a US citizen God's willing😊
  4. Congratulations to you my dear 💃🏾🍾🗽🥳celebration time.
  5. Big congratulations to you🥳🎊💃🏾🍾🗽time to celebrate.
  6. Not sure why but that's what they call 26 Federal Plaza
  7. Contact your congressman they will be able to tell you exactly which office it's in.
  8. No that's actually called the Brooklyn office, so when you check the processing time make sure to look for i-485 and Brooklyn NY.
  9. Once the case is transferred to NBC you don't receive any updates. NBC makes sure you have all the correct paperwork if your missing any usually birthpaper they will send you an RFIE for it. Once everything is there it goes to your local office and put in queue for interview/ final decision, if you did not submit your medicals yet you will receive an RFE for them. If you want to know exactly where the case is at this point you have to contact your congressman.
  10. Congratulations God is amazing 🥳🍸💃🏾🎊
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