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  1. It is running a lot slower than normal, 6-8 weeks (can be a little longer) before the interview is scheduled. You can call NVC to check on it 603-334-0700 Monday to Friday 9am - 9pm
  2. It is taking longer than 2 or 3 weeks, I believe more like 4-6 weeks, to get the NVC case number. Call them 603-334-0700 Monday - Friday 9am - 9pm.
  3. You are jumping the gun thinking it could be going to USCIS. Be patient, let them work on your case at the consulate. Most of the replies contain potential scenarios. We are sharing our knowledge because a lot of us have been through similar things. Every case is different. Try not to let this weigh on your mind (not that easy). Keep us posted on your journey!
  4. The issue would not be on the application to USCIS. the question on page 4 of the I 129F Additional Information # 43-47 question # 43: Have you ever filed Form 129F for any other beneficiary? (doesn't ask about any other filing) If there is a concern, it would be by the consular officer as you can see, the question was asked above highlighted in red. To what degree of concern? We don't know. You will have to wait it out. Be patient. I did not ever think my case was not getting approved at the interview....it wasn't and that was June 2018. and after months of waiting it was returned to USCIS for review. Mine is a IR 1 and will get reviewed. ( I am not trying to discourage you merely educate) Those of us who are not instantly approved ---- think we have cases that should be approved without question or hesitation by the consular officer. We all feel they are bona fide, We all ask ourselves why our relationship has not been seen through our eyes. If the turn of events is not good, there are other options. Reapply or get married and file for a spouse visa. IMO give it a little time and see what happens you might be pleasantly surprised. When the case is in administrative review keep check it on NVC site and touch base with the consulate and ask for updates. Many are waiting as well and I am sure that is no consolation however, we are here for you and a lot have been on a similar journey.
  5. I have seen that Mumbai has ben running a little slow. The dates are release from the Mumbai Consulate generally at the end of the month. Interviews have been scheduled at other random times as well. My experience last year was CC on 05/01/2018 and we received our interview date on 05/11/2018. Interview was 06/28/2018. Your case seems a little longer than typical. I would call NVC and see what the story is.
  6. That is correct. Once you plant your feet on the US soil the 90 days start
  7. good ^^ I agree, if it comes up Honesty is the best policy! I will pray about this. Let us know what happens
  8. Who did you indicate was your father on this application?
  9. You might want to have some available if they want to see more evidence of ongoing communications, but you should VERY VERY CAREFULLY screen them and be sure to not include any that would have that in them.
  10. I agree, but even so that information is in his USCIS records wouldn't something like that prompt an adjudicator to question that?
  11. This becomes a bigger issue without there being a legal basis. Don't loose sleep, it is what it is and now you have to handle it in the best way. Are you still in the US or have you returned home? If you are here you may want to consult an immigration attorney on how to handle this or have your spouse if you are in Estonia.
  12. Were you officially adopted or was he a legal guardian? Hang in there
  13. you used your uncles name as your dad's name hmmmm...... my only comment ........lying on immigration forms is never a good idea
  14. hubby/wife chats + ring exchange = married or too married for a K1 ***Don't use the pictures of the ring exchange*** People try to circumvent the immigration system by using a K1 to have their loved one here faster or whatever type of visa they are trying to manipulate, ruining it for others, making India is a high fraud country. Unfortunately as genuine and honest as some people are there is a bigger picture from the view of the consulate. Best Wishes
  15. I want to share that Mumbai, India is not an easy consulate whether a K1 or CR1/IR1(any visa application) presenting an honest and genuine answer to their questions. 2 things that could be an uphill battle for you are: Pictures - looking too married Chats (if read) - calling hubby and wife Without either of these things, Mumbai scrutinizes their cases. India is a high fraud country and that does not work in anyone's favor, real relationship or not. Many VJ members who have a bona fide marriage/relationship face an uphill battle. Search for posts from Mumbai. In no way am I discouraging you from proceeding be honest and genuine and see what happens. Best wishes on this journey!
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