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    We met in October 2016 while I was visiting Jamaica. We talked a lot, argued a lot. We had a real friendship. I went back to visit him in January 2017. I got to meet some of his family and we kept gettng closer. After seeing his relationship with his mom I knew I'd fallen for him. In February he asked me to marry him. After again arguing with him about it, because I do everything slowly... I said yes and have been on cloud 9 ever since. I went alone to Jamaica to visit him in May and met the rest of his family. I love him, I love his family and can't wait to combine the two. I'll be back with a great deal of my family in August. We're all excited about the celebrations. Since we can't pick a real wedding date but we have a government to wait for.

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  1. That's why its so frustrating it does say ready. "Your case is ready for your interview when scheduled at the U.S. Consular section. If have already scheduled an appointment for an interview, please prepare your documents as directed in your appointment letter and appear at the consulate..." But we haven't received any packages or appointment letter. I'm getting really anxious and nervous that we're going to miss a deadline.
  2. Yes. We've gotten the NOA 2, and NVC # and when we check the NVC # online it says its been received by the consulate.
  3. I am so lost in this Process. Our I-129 Expires 3-29. We have our NVC approval but keep getting conflicting information. Are we to make an appointment w/ the Embassy in Jamaica or do we have to wait for a package w/ a checklist and a form to take to the approved doctors for medical. This is so stressful. Our attorney is unresponsive as always. She knows what she's doing but fails to realize we don't and are stroking out because this is new to us. I am in melt down mode over here. I can't even let him know I'm having a break down because his dad just had a tumor removed so my adding stress isn't helpful. *done venting. Just at my wits end over here.
  4. Hey everyone. We filed May 30th and received our approval Nov. 29. From the visa journey member updates it looks like we'll get an interview date with the embassy within a month but our attorney said best case scenario is MARCH. I hope she's wrong. Our most accurate info has come from VJ so we pray this continues. Good luck to everyone and congrats!!!
  5. Congrats!!!!!!! That actually does make me feel better. I'm happy for you both 💜💜💜 Love wins!
  6. 171 days. Not feeling so great. This is taxing. 😔
  7. It's just nice to know someone this close to home is going through the same process.

  8. Thanks for that. Keeping the faith.
  9. My nerves are getting bad. We haven't gotten anything since the Notice of Receipt. Anyone else feel like they're in limbo.
  10. Hey there!!! Yes, it's getting closer. Staying in prayer! Great luck luvs!!!
  11. That story makes me so sick. We have some of the biggest ####### in this country working at the ports. Yup, I'm definately going to be with him when he gets here. When he was denied his Visa to visit they never gave him a reason. I can't wait for this to be over! Lbs. My daughter will have to visit Jamaica after he gets his citizenship here and can go visit. I heard Chicago is a horrible port of entry as well.
  12. That is crazy! My daughter just turned 14 in May. She's excited too. He told me they'll be doing bpat rides in the hills. I can't wait. The interview part terrifies me. He was denied a visiting Visa before as well. Praying for the best.
  13. He's from St. Mary near Ochi. I wish I could come the end of July. That's his bday. But we have a group trip the 1st week of August. I really want to cone for the interview as well. Then again to fly back with him. Geesh that's alot. Lol. How old is your son? Is he excited?
  14. Thank you and best of luck!!! Headed back in August. I looked for similar timelines and it brought your profile up. I'll look at the June's as well. 💙
  15. I am so glad I found your profile. I am experiencing a lot of the same things and this helps. I want to take my daughter as well but as you said, double the miney. I just received a notice by email that they received our I129. They first made us send another money order because they said the 1st one was smudged. Thanks for sharing so much of your story.