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  1. I had mine done at the local police station in Sault Ste Marie. I actually had to have it done twice because the lady didn’t listen to me and did the wrong one the first time around. I actually printed the reciprocity agreement and brought it to the police station to show that I needed the privacy act check.
  2. I booked my interview on Wednesday, the only appointment I could see was November 20 @ 730 am so I took it. I was also wondering if cancellations could become available but I’ve already booked my flights so November 20 it will be.
  3. @klgckI received the letter from embassy with our approved I-129f and my police check in regular mail on Monday. My fiancé also received a letter from the embassy without the approved I-129f
  4. Emailed packet 3 yesterday, received packet 4 today. Interview is booked for November 20!
  5. When filling out the DS160, would a previous commuter student visa (issued in 2002) mean a yes for "Have you ever been issued a US Visa?" And if so, will it cause an issue to check "Do not know" for the visa number? Thanks in advance, apologies if this has been answered elsewhere.
  6. I’ve traveled to the states weekly since we’ve started the process with zero issues. I believe once you have the visa in hand it will be at the discretion of the officer you get. I’m sure travel to other countries is totally fine.
  7. @klgck I just spoke with the Sault Ste Marie detachment of the RCMP. They told me that the local police station can do a certified criminal record check. They’re done by appointment so that they can make sure that a fingerprinting person is scheduled. I’m not sure if Hamilton is any different, or if the RCMP might do them since you’re in a bigger city. Best of luck!
  8. Since we’ve had this chat I was thinking I’d make some phone calls tomorrow. In my experience, it’s hard to call the local police station or even show up since the duty officers are just randomly assigned to babysitting the duty station and this just isn’t something they see every day. If local police are able to do it, I know you have to book an appointment because they need to make sure that there’s someone available to take fingerprints. I’ll let you know what I learn on the phone tomorrow!
  9. Thank you @klgck I’m very excited to see my fiancé tomorrow and see the hard copy in my hands! I don’t have a Commissoinaire or an RCMP office in my city, as you know the website says to attend your local police station, but I haven’t found any mention of the privacy act check on their site which is why I thought I may have figured it out when I saw the OPP prices today.
  10. I’ve been looking for an answer to this as well, I “think” it’s the local OPP offices that do these checks. I just saw an article on my local news site today that the fees for “Livescan on behalf of RCMP” have changed as of July 1st. If this is the correct check, the RCMP Livescan fee is $25 plus a $65 fee to the OPP for fingerprinting. Hope that helps, but I’d really like to find a definite answer as well!
  11. We're approved! NOA1 - April 15 NOA2 - July 10 Neither website updated, received paper copy in the mail today!
  12. All day, every day. I have it bookmarked on my phone.
  13. Hi! I renewed my passport between NOA1 and still waiting on NOA2, but I called uscis and they told me to have my beneficiary send a letter with our case number and the updated information.
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