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  1. In our case (F1 visa to marriage based I-485), none of the marriage evidence needed to be submitted with the I-485. At the I-485 interview, the officer did not have access to the already-approved I-130 submittal, and the interview only covered I-485 matters, with the exception that they wanted a copy of recent joint-bank statements. Check the I-485 instructions for the evidence to submit. It's mostly medical details, address history, identity documents, and visa and immigration history.
  2. We recently submitted a FOIA request to the US Department of State for our submitted DS-160 forms (which we didn't save) so that we can make sure that they are consistent with reality and our I-130/I-485 (in preparation for an AoS interview). For personal information from the Department of State, the FOIA request must be either by mail or fax, and must either have a notarized signature or a signed statement that the information is correct (we did both). I've not been able to find any examples online of these FOIA requests, so I'm attaching what we wrote here. If not notarized, you must include a copy of an un-expired government-issued ID. The envelope should say "Freedom of Information Act Requst" We included copies of the visas and passport info page. We tried to include as much info as we had which would help them locate the records. If anyone has tried to get a DS-160 copy, were you able to get it? How long did it take?
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