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  1. In our case (F1 visa to marriage based I-485), none of the marriage evidence needed to be submitted with the I-485. At the I-485 interview, the officer did not have access to the already-approved I-130 submittal, and the interview only covered I-485 matters, with the exception that they wanted a copy of recent joint-bank statements. Check the I-485 instructions for the evidence to submit. It's mostly medical details, address history, identity documents, and visa and immigration history.
  2. That's a frustration. You'll want to get the gong zheng chu to put it in writing that they cannot issue a certificate to you (and you can translate your note, and sign that it's a true and complete translation). The I-485 instructions state how to proceed without the document they want. The instructions, more or less, say to explain why you are unable to provide the certificate, and suggest submitting affidavits (at least two), and also secondary evidence: If this will work, I can't say, but this is the way forward. Please update once you hear back from USCIS.
  3. Your appointment scheduling notice will list what they want you to bring. We had our interview yesterday, and were vastly overprepared. The rough idea is that you need all of the US immigration documents you've ever received, all of your original documents (birth certificate, passports, etc), your EAD, a copy of everything you bring that you have not already submitted (since they will take originals if you don't have a copy). Bring a I-693 medical form if you have not already submitted one. For the I-864, bring your most recent two months of pay stubs (or other proof of recent income). If you have filed 2020 taxes, you very much should bring your tax transcripts of them (or a copy of the filings and W-2/1099). It's good evidence of joint financial life (you marked "married" on your taxes, didn't you?) But, if you have not filed, then no need to bring them. They ended up taking joint credit card statements and car insurance documents from us. They didn't look at photos. Note that our I-130 was approved prior to the interview, so they didn't examine our marriage much at all.
  4. My wife had her I-485 interview yesterday (adjusting from F-1 status). My I-130 was submitted online, and was approved last week. The immigration officer didn't have a copy of the I-130. The interview covered only the I-485, and not the I-130. They kept me in the waiting room while my wife was being interviewed. During the wait, I chatted with a guy whose had filed an I-129F whose wife had her I-485 interview at the same time (both of us were concerned that USCIS had separated us). The interview lasted 20 or 25 minutes. My wife answered a few of the scary eligibility questions as YES, but that didn't delay things much (we believed that there were no actual eligibility bars). A few marriage evidence documents were submitted (mostly bank statements), but no photos. They asked about health insurance, which seemed odd since the Trump public charge rule was demolished two weeks ago (Maybe they wondered why my wife and I have separate health insurance plans?). The officer verbally gave an approval, but on paper was "further review needed". The online status was approved, within an hour after the interview, and now we are waiting for the status to update to show "card in production". PS: I'm never sure which thread to post in, but this one seems as good as any.
  5. That is different than my experience. I mostly used the eGOV website to check status. Once you create an account, you can add ANY receipt number to your account. If you login on eGOV, you will see the history of status updates. If you don't login, you will only see the most recent update. I filed my I-130 online, through myUSCIS. That website lets you download notices for the I-130 (for us, the initial receipt and the final approval notice are available as PDF downloads), if you filed online. I was able to also add my wife's paper-filed I-485, I-131, and I-765 to my account. I could view status updates, but could not download receipt notices for any of the paper-filed cases. Note that there are not online status when biometrics are scheduled.
  6. We had one day notice with the tracking number before it was delivered. (Indiana): No signature was required at delivery. We have our names on the inside of the mailbox door and live in a "single-family house". 2021-02-16: Biometrics 2021-02-22: I-485 interview scheduled 2021-03-04: Online status: card in production 2021-03-05: Online status: EAD approved 2021-03-08: EAD card mailed 2021-03-09: EAD approval notice received (USPS) 2021-03-09: Online status: EAD card picked up by USPS at 5PM (with tracking number in the online status) 2021-03-10: EAD appears on "Informed Delivery" daily email at 10AM (expected delivery on the 12th) 2021-03-10: EAD delivered at 2 PM 2021-03-17: online status: I-130 approval
  7. At the moment, with the 10/15/19 version of the I-864, there is no requirement for a credit report of either person. The only place that "credit" would be is if you have a mortgage on your home (in which case that amount is subtracted from the value of your house). Last year, there was a proposed revision of the I-864 which would require a credit report and much more information (similar to the I-944). In addition, as of yesterday, 9 March 2020, the I-944 should not be submitted, so there is no need for her credit report, either. TLDR: As of today, don't send any credit reports.
  8. For us, we got the letter 5 days after the status changed online. Be sure to do a change of address AR-11 with USCIS, and a mail forwarding request with USPS.
  9. Truthfully, I don't know if we did it properly or not, but above is my best effort at following the proper procedures. The DoS website does say to submit requests about non-immigrant visa records (filed since 1940) to the above address. DS-260 probably would go to USCIS, with a different procedure. In-progress visa requests would be sent to the embassy or consulate. Things we didn't do: Provide an Alien-number State we want a copy of the filed DS-160. I hope they don't just send us a blank form. Use certified mail (we just used normal first class) Our interview is in a month, and I'm not optimistic about receiving a reply before then. PS: For I-94 forms, one would request them from CBP, which can be done electronically. We don't have all of the I-94 forms, and hope that it won't cause any issues. I'm assuming USCIS has requested all this information anyway, so even if we say we don't have the exact dates, they'll know what was recorded (except for a brief trip out of the country by land which we have passport stamps for).
  10. We recently submitted a FOIA request to the US Department of State for our submitted DS-160 forms (which we didn't save) so that we can make sure that they are consistent with reality and our I-130/I-485 (in preparation for an AoS interview). For personal information from the Department of State, the FOIA request must be either by mail or fax, and must either have a notarized signature or a signed statement that the information is correct (we did both). I've not been able to find any examples online of these FOIA requests, so I'm attaching what we wrote here. If not notarized, you must include a copy of an un-expired government-issued ID. The envelope should say "Freedom of Information Act Requst" We included copies of the visas and passport info page. We tried to include as much info as we had which would help them locate the records. If anyone has tried to get a DS-160 copy, were you able to get it? How long did it take?
  11. You should change name either with a marriage license, or upon naturalization (citizenship). Generally, it's cost-free and easy to change your name as part of marriage. Changing during marriage might create some confusion at USCIS (since your visa and I-485 will have different names), but you will be able to work through it. I'd suggest NOT changing it while you have any pending applications. At a naturalization oath ceremony, you can also change your name cost-free without any issues, but that would be at least three years from now.
  12. (As shown on our timeline,) we did biometrics 2021-02-16 during the snowstorm. We had an appointment for 8AM, but the office was closed until 10AM. We went anyway, and biometrics were completed at about 11AM. The next day, online status was marked as having biometrics applied, and two days after that, marked as "ready to be scheduled for an interview". We filed a month before you, but got an RFIE, which might impact biometrics scheduling. Six months after we filed, we contacted Senator Young's office to see if they could get us an appointment. A week later, we were scheduled. So, it was about 8 months between filing and biometrics day, or 6.5 months between RFIE response and biometrics day. It seemed fairly busy when we went to the appointment. The field office and ASC are together on the same floor of an office building near downtown.
  13. National benefits center for most people. Your I-765 receipt will have the center name and address in the bottom left. Also, the receipt number's first three letters is the abbreviation of the center name. Note that the NBC used to be called the "Missouri Service Center", and they still call it MSC in the receipts, even though it was renamed to NBC. In rare cases, your case can be transferred between centers, and that transfer should show up in your online case status (on the eGov site)
  14. I was exaggerating a bit. I have not seen a law stating that they have any sort of deadline to issue biometrics. But, YouTube-lawyer Jim Hacking advertises that you should sue USCIS if you have not gotten your PR card within 12 to 18 months. https://asistahelp.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/Mandamus-Actions-Avoiding-Dismissal.pdf is a summary I just found online talking about if the government has a duty to make a discretionary decision (such as granting an EAD). I've not heard of any success is forcing EAD issuance except in cases of asylum. My personal feeling is that it isn't worth it to sue them for an EAD (except perhaps as part of a class-action). I expect USCIS will speed up in the next few months due to the Biden administration. It'll cost you a few thousand dollars to file a suit, it's better to attack regarding the green card than the EAD. We didn't give any documents to them (other than the release form). We didn't say that we needed expediting. We gave them our receipt numbers, filing dates, and a message saying that it's taking unreasonably long for receive our EAD, that we have not yet had biometrics, that we did reply promptly to a RFIE, and that we got no response to service requests submitted directly to USCIS. Clearly state your basis of immigration, that you've submitted an I-485 and I-765 >6months ago, and that its taking unreasonably long for them to process your AP/EAD. We also suggested that lawmakers could remove the requirement of biometrics before EAD issuance or make some other legislative or administrative change to USCIS so that the process would go more smoothly. Make sure that you sign and submit the release form.
  15. Our Indianapolis biometrics has been scheduled. We contacted Indiana Senator Young's office about delays in biometrics for our I-485 and I-765 (Indianapolis ASC). A week later (on 22 Jan 2020), we were scheduled for 8AM in the middle of February. The senator's office emailed us a receipt notice which was for both the I-485 and I-765. Since it was scheduled for 8AM, my guess is that it was manually scheduled or prioritized somehow due to the congressional inquiry. The other possibility is that USCIS suddenly realized what they're doing is illegal and won't be tolerated by the Biden administration, so they've quickly cleaned up their act. We had also filed service requests on the I-131 and I-765, but got no reply on either. My feeling is that they are unable to reply to service requests as quickly as people are creating them, so nobody is getting responses. I'm most certainly not a morning person. I think we'll have to leave our house at 5:45 AM. Hopefully the weather won't be too bad. We'd normally just get a hotel room closer, but that's a big risk due to SARS-Cov-2.
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