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  1. Apply as soon as possible, I think this visa will cut in future and if u have pending petition thn u have chances
  2. Ok so y he did not in 2017 and he also dd try 2019 but both time he failed
  3. I agree he can sign executive order but with executive order he can’t change whole system and he can’t block pending petitions
  4. When two people sign on a contract , one of them can’t change according to his choice, both parties has to b agree
  5. Wao really, if someone waiting from 20 yrs and all of sudden no visa, his petition was merit base? it is not going to happen, yes he can bring merit base for new petitions, for changing whole immigration system he has to go through congress,
  6. Agree, for changing whole system thy have to go to congress, it wil b not easy for thm to stop approved petitions
  7. How it wil affect approved petitions? if someone waiting from last 13 yrs and all of sudden, no visa , I don’t think it is possible
  8. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.bloomberg.com/amp/news/articles/2020-07-14/trump-says-he-ll-sign-merit-based-immigration-plan-very-soon
  9. Hi, is anyone know how new executive order will affect the old petitions, if someone already paid NVC fee and waiting for interview, f2b thanks
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