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  1. I know that plenty of people are being issued these months. All I can say is contact the embassy by email and let them know you've been in waiver reconsideration for a while now. Also check your DS-260 page to see if it's been re-opened. If it has, it's from the department of state. You have to reclose so you may continue with your case.
  2. I think she is a part of her lawsuit. All I know is my case is with Julie. After her interview she was given an approval notice but was never given the visa. And no medical conditions. Inshallah it works out for all of you, and I'll keep you up to date if anything.
  3. My wife had her interview on sept 18 2017. It wasn't until aug 1, 2018 that they sent me an email for waiver reconsideration. Today I recieved an email saying waiver was approved and they needed my wife's passport for her visa.
  4. Assalam alaikum. I'm happy to let you know I recieved an email from the consulate that my wife was approved for a waiver. I'll be heading to Djibouti soon to receive it. Is there any advice that I might need that you guys know of?
  5. Anyone have any updates. Everyone here should recheck there DS-260 page online. When I checked mine this morning it said reopened and required my signature again.
  6. Your family members, when did they have their interview?
  7. They said they weren't sure how long it would take and they're in AP. Oldest kid is 11. does anyone know how long it takes to get the waiver after they send you an email saying reviewing eligibility for a waiver?
  8. My Aunt got an email 2 weeks ago to redo her medical. She got the waiver but her 5 kids didn't. So if she goes to Djibouti she can get the visa but her kids have to wait. What kind of messed up system does that. The kids are included in her same case number also.
  9. I also have a family who redid their medical but still haven't gotten their visas. It's been about 3 weeks for them. I also got an email today for different family members to redo their medical exam this month. What frustrates me is all my family members have been getting emails to redo their medical but my wife hasn't gotten anything yet. I'd also like to ask if anyone has the court case number Julie filed. I wanna see if she included my wife in the case.
  10. If top immigration lawyers don't even know what to do, what makes you think we know. Everyone here is just as frustrated as you are but are patiently waiting. If there is any updates that I come across, I'll gladly let you know.
  11. His interview was in October 2017. His mom is the petitioner. The list is just for the people to redo the medical. Not sure if it means they will be issued soon or not. If anyone knows plz send me a message.
  12. Just found out my uncle is on this list. He is the one that says med x (4). He landed in Djibouti yesterday. Does this mean he will get issued and how far off?
  13. They haven't received any email yet. Plus I have a different family who was sent an email and called to redo their medical.
  14. My cousins family had their interview the same month as my wife which was on sept 2017. During the ban their status went from AP to refused. Last week it changed to AP again but they weren't sent an email to redo their medical. What do you guys think he should do?
  15. Mabruk. Is it the same email as the one I got? They didn't really specify for anything except that I would be contacted shortly by them.