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  1. Hi VERDE05, Please Please tell me what happend with, i am facing same .
  2. Hi everyone, I received Immigrant Visa Interview Appointment email and I noticed that my name changed on it .It has my first and second name without my last name which is not same like my Passport and my DS-260 confirmation page. Do i need to contact NVC before the interview to ask or it's normal ? Thank you for your time.
  3. Hello everyone, Yesterday i submitted all documents required to NVC, and today i found that one document uploaded was wrong. should i call NVC or email them to inform about that or should i wait to interview day to tell the officer. Please help. Thanks
  4. It's legally for our community legally in the place where we are living but not accepted for immigration purpose. To be a straight in talk does not mean to be rude
  5. My wife is USC. If you are Somali, why not marry in Somalia? Because i am not living in Somalia since my age 9 years old i am living in Saudi Arabia. my wife was living in Malaysia but in Malaysia you can not marriage if you don't have residency ID for Both husband and wife.
  6. Thanks for help, but if i do new marriage certificate in another country do i need to refile again I-130 or only send it to USCIS.
  7. Thanks for a your valuable information, after religious married in the Islamic committee in Thailand i went to Malaysia and register my Marriage Certificate in Somali Embassy and i got official attestation from Ministry of Foreign Affair and also from Saudi Arabia Embassy because we were planing to live in Saudi. This Certificate i sent to USCIS and Accepted. For NVC i sent both but they rejected. Now i am thinking to go again Thailand and do new official registration certificate. My question is it possible to do marriage registration in tourist Visa or not?
  8. i did my marriage in Mosque for Muslims Community so it's not registered in Thailand but it's recognized in Muslims country and at that time there was no plan for immigration.
  9. Hi everyone, Please help...... I marred before six years from my wife who is USC in Thailand, our marriage certificate issued from Islamic Committee in Sonngkhla city. After marriage my wife came to Saudi Arabia to live with me and she got "Resident ID card " also we have gifted two beautiful kids who are US Citizens too. Our Marriage certificate accepted in Saudi Arabia when she got resident Visa but when i uploaded the document in NVC they rejected with this notice : This document is from an incorrect issuing authority Please replace this with an acceptable marriage certificate. Thank you all in advance
  10. Hi everyone, Please i need advise if you have any idea about Somali Birth certificate, i got one from Consulate of Somalia in Jeddah and NVC refused and they asking in original language then i issued new one from Somalia then they said not acceptable. i don't know what to do.
  11. Hi all, Me and my wife living oversea, My wife is usc and the petitioner for I-130 which is approved. My wife is not working so we got joint sponsor her mother, now we are in NVC to upload documents, they ask federal income tax Return or Transcript for wife which she does't has and there is two choices : upload documents or not available. I am worry if i select not available they will reject. Please i need advice. Thank you in advance
  12. Hi everyone, Yesterday my spouse in USA paid AOS and IV fees and it's under process now but she forgot to choose an agent before paying fee. So can we do that after payment complete ?. Thanks in Advance
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