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  1. I was asked many questions including addresses lived in the past, dates etc. it was unexpected but I didn’t miss any or prepared before n400 but I answered all I only prepared for the civic. My n-400 approval is still pending, no case status update. I don’t intend to call for now. I will wait and call after 120 days if decision is not made. Well, you have to wait.
  2. Congratulations! I am still waiting patiently.
  3. Are you saying they had little or no applications to process in the past when cases are approved within weeks? Well, wether they have more applications to process or not, with the way things are changing, it can’t be processed in weeks except for those who are lucky to be approved in 3 , 4 months.
  4. I did my interview and passed the test but decision could not be made. I am still waiting and can’t do anything else. It’s been months already.
  5. Anyone still waiting for n-400 approval, for at least more than 1 month after interview?
  6. You can also say technical support and you will be connected to a rep.
  7. No - but since the letter stated you appear with your spouse, I suggest you go with your spouse.
  8. A lot of people waited longer than 6 months. After my interview about two weeks ago, estimated time was 11 months. It’s now 8 months. I am believing it will change to oath ceremony scheduled soon.
  9. Believe me, it’s very dangerous to reschedule, this could be what you’ve been waiting for. Your situation is understandable but don’t miss it. Try to go as @misscloud suggested or prepare and go with your kids.
  10. To be frank, there is no need to appeal. it will be better to reapply. resident since - 05-11-2016 n-400 receipt date - 02-10-2021 You can hardly guess the time zone. You should have given it two or few more days and file after 05-12 or on 05-13 and if you can’t give it one more day, then 05-12 (night time).
  11. Wow processing time moved up. Well may 2020 here, I-751 approved and card received. Applied n400 May 2021. Now ready for my n400 interview. Hopefully soon I will be done with Immigration.
  12. Wow That’s a long time. Not sure why. Maybe someone with similar experience will help you.
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