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  1. Maybe because they applied aos before their medical expires..
  2. JosephRose

    Sputum Test & Visa Interview

    Oh Good.. as long as the X-Ray don’t show any abnormalities on your medical, then you’ll be fine.. just prepare your medical certificate from your doc sis.. they will asked you about past medications.. just answer them honestly sis..
  3. JosephRose

    Sputum Test & Visa Interview

    Hello I am sorry to hear that sis.. I am sorry to say this but I think it will affect your medical sis, how many weeks or months are you prescribed to take antibiotics sis? If you still have have pneumonia during your medical, most likely you will get sputum.. cause like me, I was already cleared and just had scar at upper part of my left lung and brought my medical certificate from my doctor and old x-ray films with me, they still undergo me with sputum. Keep me updated sis, everything’s gonna alright.
  4. JosephRose

    Old x-ray films for SLEC medical

    I was wondering if you can get medical certificate from the doctor who check you?
  5. JosephRose

    Sputum Test & Visa Interview

    No.. SLEC did not let me carry my medical file.. they just gave me a one sheet copy of my vaccine and CD, that sheet of paper is the one I attached in my adjustment of status. The guy who released my medical told me I made the right decision of rescheduling my interview because I must be out of the country by July. I think I got lucky indeed. My interview was on Tuesday, I was put on hold for a few minutes during the pre-interview, told to wait for my name to be called.. I was literally freaking out inside until I saw some people from St. Luke’s, then I realized it was my medical..
  6. JosephRose

    Sputum Test & Visa Interview

    If SLEC calls early, that means, something has been born in the culture.. If they don’t, don’t bother contacting them.., just show up in the date they gave for you to comeback.. I am not from around Manila, so a week before my scheduled day (April 12, 2018) my petitioner rescheduled my interview appointment. I did not show up in the date of my return to St Luke’s.., Instead, I went back there on (April 16, 2018) the day before my interview (April 17, 2018).. it all turned well..
  7. JosephRose

    Sputum Test & Visa Interview

    I was Sputum too and was cleared. SLEC don’t cancel your interview. I called USEM to cancel my interview and SLEC told me to do it.. here’s a tip, while waiting for culture result, no need to contact SLEC. If they don’t contact your fiancée a week before her scheduled return date to SLEC, that means her culture result is negative. Set new interview appointment then because it is very hard to get a slot.. my husband was lucky enough to get me a slot on April 17, 2018. I didn’t return to SLEC on April 12, 2018 and had my vaccine on April 16, 2018.. and it all turned well.. Goodluck for you and your fiancée..
  8. Hehe.. yeah.. I should change it.. thanks for reminding me.. I was very confused of what my field office is before.. I put Kansas because that’s the address I saw in my NOAs.. I mean Lee Summit is in Kansas.. Best of luck to all of us.. 😄
  9. Hello Everyone! Thanks God I found this thread. Filling from Minnesota, PD is July 12, 2018, EAD/AP received on Nov 15, 2018, I-485 has been ready to be scheduled for an interview since August 06, 2018.. at the moment, still waiting for interview schedule.
  10. JosephRose

    Sputum Test & Visa Interview

    Same with me, I did exactly what you did.
  11. JosephRose

    Sputum Test & Visa Interview

    I was sputumed too and I canceled my interview by calling us embassy. My 2nd and final interview was the next day of the day I went back to St. Luke’s to get my Culture results and get vaccines. I was vaccined on April 16, 2018 and interviewed on April 17, 2018.. Here’s few tips for your fiancée.., she must come to st.luke’s early as possible like around 2:30 am.. during my time, I was number 100, 1, 2,.. after her sputum, and if her smear is negative, she have to wait few weeks(I think it was 8 weeks) for the culture results, she don’t need to call St. Luke’s to find out about the results, must pray st. Luke’s will not contact her cause it will means something has formed in her saliva.., if they don’t contact her, then no virus was born. Also on the 3rd day of the sputum, they will tell her to comeback on a specific day.. If she’s not from Manila like me, have to take flight, she can show her a copy of her etinerary ticket so they will move her evaluation on the same day instead of another day.. My sputum days were Feb 7-9 and they told me to comeback on Feb 14 for evaluation but after show them my flight ticket, they moved my schedule on same day.. I was supposed to return to St. Luke’s on April 12, 2018 for the scheduled date of the release of my culture but I emailed them asking if it’s okay to comeback another time if I can’t make it on the scheduled day and they said yes.. My petitioner who is my hubby now rescheduled my interview and we were lucky enough to get the April 17, 2018 slot at 6:40 am (Tuesday).. I showed up in St. Luke’s and got vaccine.. during the release of vaccine record, they did not give me the brown envelope. They said, they will send medical directly to us embassy for all sputum applicants. They just gave me a page copy that has my vaccine records. They also told me that I did the right decision rescheduling my interview ahead of time because it’s very hard to get interview date and medical for sputum is only valid for 6 months and I need to be out of the country by July 16.. by the way, if your fiancée has old X-ray films and med certificate from other doctor, she should bring it with her.. they acknowledge them but still they will do their own test.. Sorry this is very long but I hope this will give you guys some perspectives.. and I almost forgot, she can go take CFO seminar instead of going to the interview..
  12. JosephRose

    Change SSN Name After Marriage?

    Don’t worry.. your wife will be fine.. yes in the AOS (from K1) we applied for our married name.. but there is also a part in the form they asked for other name used and that will be our maiden name.. so technically, we are kind of applying with both our new and old name in the line.. it’s connected..
  13. JosephRose

    Change SSN Name After Marriage?

    It was in the EAD form that I applied for new SSN.. It asked if I have SSN and I put in my SSN.. There’s a question if I want to give them authority to issue me new SSN and I clicked yes..
  14. JosephRose

    Change SSN Name After Marriage?

    Agree with you.. My SSN has restriction.. it says valid for work only with DHS Authorization. SSN Staff told me that I’ll come back there once my AOS and I have the green card.. So once I have the green card, I will go there to have them remove the restriction.. The number is the same so it shouldn’t be an issue..