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  1. Not sure if this is true but worth to try. Did you have an account on https://myaccount.uscis.dhs.gov/? If you filed online, notice will be on that account under document tab. You might want to check it out. I"m assuming you're from New York. Oath Ceremony after the approval of your N-400 wont take that long.
  2. How about this question. Are they expecting us to give the 3 answers? Question: Why did the colonist fight the British? Because of high taxes Because the British army stayed in their houses Because they didn’t have self-government
  3. Exactly my question too. It never specify to give one but I would assumed one is fine since the meaning of all the answers are the same.
  4. agreed on this, each application has unique application number and account number online.
  5. based on the below OPs timeline, oath ceremony is not the same day of your interview: NYPeach.......|02/28/05|07/04|07/04|07/04|07/23/18|--/--/--|11/16/18|12/20/18|01/15/19|Holtsville, NY...|IOE
  6. Exactly, dealing with USCIS processing times is not an accurate thing because they can change it from time to time. So I dont trust on USCIS processing time.
  7. That is why estimate meaning its not accurate and can be changed. LOL!
  8. Yes, USCIS is not funded by the government so the operations continues even the shutdown.
  9. Are you planning to apply for citizenship? If yes, then wouldn't mind that very slight error.
  10. The code is usually part of the receipt notice letter that you received from USCIS. If you don't have it then you need to call USCIS for them to give you a code.
  11. I assumed it will be a combo interview for the case that was transferred to NBC after filing N-400 and with pending I-751. So you should be prepared. I'm not sure about the waiting time, it might be fall now under your N-400 since your I-751 was transferred to NBC. Good luck
  12. Your case is already out of processing time, you can submit an inquiry. did you file n-400 while your i-751 is pending?