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  1. They didnt ask me before so I didnt submit, so the main RFE is for incorrect format of Police Clearence certificate, it was a mistake from our end
  2. HI When U submitted the RFE docs what status was it showing. ANd when was it changed to accepted? For me it shows Submitted
  3. I recieved RFE for PCC format and marriage certificate. I have uploaded and submitted both of them but no status update, it still shows as submitted and not accepted, is there a time they will be accepted?
  4. After submitting RFE related documents does it change to Accepted or Submitted, I still have in submitted but I didnt see any accepted status, how long will it take
  5. I have submitted last document on Dec 14. I havent recieved any so far. What is the last update for the people in December
  6. What I meant is did u mail those documents or uploaded online
  7. I did submit the documents without PCC so they told me on Dec 6 that I need to upload the PCC that is when I knew they do accept. But anyway I am good with Dec 14 upload date. But if the documents are approved in NVC stage.. are they giving immediate interview but are all going to get interview date in Mumbai which is the US consulate for Country India. Any thoughts on the interview dates?
  8. I have filed for my daughter and sent to NVC on Dec 14, 2021 and hopefully everything is on par, but how dowe get the message for the current review date of the documents. I mean sent all the documents on Dec 14, 2021 but first set I did on Nov 26,2021 waited for Police certificate for my daughter on Dec 14.
  9. Hi MinaPartha, did you get the answer for your query? It depends on the K2 Age.
  10. HI Could you please let us the date applied and approval date, so as to understand how many days it is taking to get approveed ffor I-130 for the step children. I have applied for my step daughter on Dec 14, 2020 no approval yet.
  11. I'm glad someone started this group, its better we start sharing the info on how much time is it taking these days. I have applied for my step daughter who is 19 in December 2020, don't know the timeline right now. I have applied online, received the online notice in a two days for the receipt to receive to my address it took me one week. Applied I-130 : Dec 12, 2020 Receipt Received online: Dec 14, 2020 By mail receipt received : Dec 17, 2020 Status: Still reviewing the documents. Im trying to find the general timeline for these kind of cases but it is tough to know. I understand not many people do apply separately. If anyone can come up with a template or if there is another group please let me know.
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