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  1. esdh

    London Visa Interview Today

    I totally feel your frustration about wait times/strain on the relationship. Hopefully you are staying warm in the snow storm right now!
  2. esdh

    London Visa Interview Today

    Hey guys! Currently waiting for my interview any day now. Is it optional to have your packet and passport mailed or can it be picked up from the embassy? Just trying to plan with moving out/address it could be sent to/etc
  3. yeah thats the thing is that I had labels printed with our names and case number, and color coded to match finances, biographical information, etc. like I spent hours organizing it. Which is why this is a crushing blow
  4. I'm trying my hardest not to get upset at work right now. This is seriously crushing. I triple checked and made an identical copy of what we submitted. I'll overnight another copy in the morning, but I am so upset. ugh.
  5. hi! I just got off the phone with NVC with a rather rude woman, she said that we are missing my husband's birth certificate, but I know for a fact it was there. What do I do???
  6. I am starting to feel very discouraged. My scan date is December 18, and I have called everyday and it is still not in review. I am obviously happy for everyone to be getting CC, but I see many that are after my scan date being closed. I am nervous if there may be something wrong with my case or if possibly lost. We were married last March and were hoping to celebrate our one year anniversary together here in the states, but that doesn't look like it will be possible. It is extremely disheartening. Are there any other scan dates around December 18th that also haven't heard anything?
  7. That was the same issue for me as well. My case was approved in Texas October 16, but it wasn't sent for awhile and NVC didn't receive it until November 27!
  8. congrats!! we have similar timelines, with being fro NY and having to go through London consulate!! I hope you get your interview date asap!
  9. It's great right!? It has been a very helpful reference, but now I'm not sure if I possibly delayed my visa!
  10. SOS! I have been posting in the April 2017 Texas thread, but I feel like now at the NVC stage I should move here. Anyways here are my details: NOA2 from Texas: October 16, 2017 NVC Received: November 27, 2017 NVC assigned case number and IIN: December 5th so after getting my Case number and IIN on the phone, I was able to log in and fill out the DS 261. I assigned myself (the petitioner) as the agent and then called to confirm they received it and all was well for them to review. (I am following the London checklist PDF that has been circulating on VJ) I had one pretty rude guy and then yet another that said the same thing. They both said that I cant fill out the DS 261 (choice of agent) until I receive instructions in the mail, I told them that I was actually able to fill it out and their response was that now I probably delayed my case!!! Does anyone have any bit of insight? I didn't think I was doing anything wrong! I could have sworn other people had done the same after receiving their case number & IIN. Ive attached the PDF I am referring to. thank you all in advance! <3 Personal Checklist.compressed (1) (1).pdf
  11. I've called USCIS to see if they can give me an estimate on when they send it out or if they have a tracking number associated with it (I think I read someone on VJ had done something similar) , but no luck. Let me know how it goes!
  12. Online it still says case approved. It's crazy how slow they are! I see NVC has received other people's cases at Potomac with NOA2 dates later than mine. It's frustrating.
  13. anyone from TSC see their case sent to NVC? My NOA2 was on October 13th and I have called NVC several times and they still do not have it. should i try talking to USCIS and a tier 2 rep there? I just want this to speed up already! Getting very impatient.
  14. On the USCIS website does it say sent to NVC? Or just approved? Mine says approved and I am wondering if I should wait until it says sent before calling. The notice I received in the mail says approved Oct 13. I am just excited to get this ball rolling!
  15. hi everyone! I just happened to check the USCIS site (which has never worked and always says invalid number) but today it says: On October 16, 2017, we approved your Form I-130, Petition for Alien Relative, Receipt Number SRCXXXXXXXXX. We will mail your approval notice. Please follow the instructions in the notice. I am SO ecstatic!!!!!!!! here's our info: married March 24, 2017 sent to Chicago Lockbox April 6, 2017 NOA1 April 14, 2017 NOA2 October 16, 2017 (TSC)