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  1. https://www.***removed***/after-greencard-experiences/ A few topics and replies in this forum
  2. I usually use my case status page, copy and past my case number, then change the last few digits to see case numbers close to mine https://egov.uscis.gov/casestatus Or you can download USCIS case tracker apps
  3. Yup, mine also went to NBC to speed up the process. I've seen where some of these cases are approved between 2 and 4 weeks after being transferred, without interviews. So fingers crossed 🤞!
  4. Hi Ella, did you receive your letter? Where was your case transferred to? I'm also Vermont and received a similar email today. On checking other cases, it seems they just selected a small batch for transfer. Case numbers ending 42 to 47 were transferred today. I'll post an update when I receive the letter
  5. I'm EAC, I filed April 14 and on 5/13, I got an update that my old fingerprint was applied
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