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  1. If 1 joint sponsor doesn’t work out than the other could be enough for them not to put the case into administrative processing. My joint sponsors know what they signed up for, and were more than willing to help out, so it definitely wasn't for no reason.
  2. Yes my wife the primary and 2 added sponsors , which were my Father in-law and a family friend. So No I don’t think that’s a problem. That’s what I ticked for my 2nd joint sponsor. Everyone is saying the opposite but I am saying from my own paperwork and experience, that is what was done and everything worked out and there were no issues.
  3. I had 2 joint sponsors. My wife. Plus 2 joint sponsors. Total of 3 i864s and supporting documents. No one said anything about it and everything went smoothly
  4. Aww hope all goes well, and you CAN have 2 joint sponsors. We had 2 joint sponsors because my wife doesn’t work and we just wanted to make sure we had it just incase 1 sponsor wasn’t enough. We had our interview and there some questions about our relation to both sponsors and the usual questions and that was it just waited about a week and got our visa. Hopefully you guys get yours soon too😊
  5. Thank you My cc date was July 19th and I got the IL on August 12, so a little over 3 weeks
  6. Just got interview letter, really didn’t expect it so soon but I’m thankful🙏 interview will be in exactly 1 month from today ( September 12 )
  7. Riggght! Keep me updated pls We have the same cc date
  8. Nice! Not as long as I've anticipated. Hopefully we'll get IL just as soon, if not sooner Also, good luck on your interview
  9. Anyone got Interview dates yet for New Zealand? I’ve had cc for about 2 weeks now, I know that’s not long but I’m hella anxious, just tryna kill time😬🥴🤣
  10. I've been calling all morning (still am) and I still didn't get through, keeps saying their busy😩
  11. That'swhat I was thinking too. I just hope it doesn't drag more time on our case 😕
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