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  1. Yes she is working and the money she earns is above the threshold
  2. Why did I not think of that…Can you also let me know where I can get the money to pay for a year of bills
  3. They can do a procedure every few weeks as she doesn’t want another surgery this year she had been through enough…so for as long as that work but obviously if they say they can’t keep doing it she will have no choice
  4. I have 4 children that couldn’t be away from me and then my husband would have to leave work that would just be to hard..I work for myself..so I can just pick that up again but it will just be so difficult..I will just need to wait hopefully won’t be long
  5. Thanks as soon as I get in that first chart I will apply.. I have all my fee’s and paperwork done and accepted at the nvc so I just need to hope it hurry’s up
  6. It’s a big surgery and 90 probably won’t be enough time
  7. I think it will be longer than that unfortunately
  8. Yip that I know…but the extreme hardship…they must have something in place as she needs someone to care for her needs 😢
  9. Hey no she’s couldn’t come here…she can arrange when she wants her surgery in the us..here it’s a waiting list and that’s just a bloody joke…nhs isn’t a good as people think
  10. Hi hope everyone is doing well! I am F3 2009 DQ aug 2020.. current in chart B but not A yet. my mother in law has had a few health issues this past year and needs 3 possibly 4 operations, 2 knees which isn’t the worst but the 1/2 are very dangerous she had 1 years ago which nearly killed her she isn’t wanting to get any until we are over as she is scared..is there anyway we can speed this up due to the circumstances?? I have read about extreme hardship but not sure if that’s what we can do?? thanks
  11. What category is he in..am F3 2009 and was told I had to be current in chart A before I could expedite
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