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  1. We got the green card a week after the interview, (Dec 18) and a week after that the ssn. So we are all set for a while. Good luck to those who are waiting.
  2. MyJourney

    Car Insurance

    the vehicle is insured against accidents while a certain individual(s) operating it. if you don't have driving privileges you cannot be "insured" to drive it. Insurers can take advantage of your willingness to pay for nothing, if there are no state laws barring it, sure, go ahead. it just has 0 practical purpose. Adding your spouse to the title is a much stronger "relationship evidence".
  3. MyJourney

    Car Insurance

    read: unless you have owned those things before marriage.
  4. MyJourney

    Car Insurance

    How and for what purpose would you be "insuring" someone unless that person has the driving privileges? That may be a good idea if you don't trust your wife and have doubts about your marriage in general. But, USCIS does not like approving half-a$$ marriages. Even then, unless you have owned those things before marriage, your wife has a 50% share of your everything whether you add her name or not.
  5. MyJourney

    Should I file married jointly?

    That is the catch and @Khallaf hit the nail on its head on this.
  6. MyJourney

    Should I file married jointly?

    From the IRS perspective you can file married or separately, IRS does not care. But if you file married, jointly, it will boost your AOS with the USCIS. It shows that you are acting like a family + the additional deduction does not hurt either. You can get a tax identification number for your husband and still file married, jointly even if he does not have a ssn. I did just this last year. Good luck.
  7. this is a horrible situation to be in. I am so sorry that this happened to you. That is why it is always better to call. I called at least 3-4 times after i got a similar letter just to verify that they really did not need anything from me until the interview date.
  8. @LMLM apply for adjustment of status. Don't let your parents at this age to travel so much, it is just easier for them to be with you while they wait. If they don't intend to work any time soon, they don't bother about EAD. I did not do EAD for my wife because she does not need to work anyway. I think it even helps your case because your beneficiaries do not need and are not interested in working. They are coming here for the sole purpose of just being together with you.
  9. MyJourney

    Car Insurance

    Good afternoon. My wife also came on vwp and we just completed the aos process. It is impossible to add him on your insurance since he does not have a driver's license. But, if your purpose is to use it as an evidence for bona-fide nature of your marriage, you can add him to the TITLE. We also purchased a car for her even though she cannot yet drive and does not/cannot have a drivers license yet. We registered the TITLE on her name and my name. We were not even asked for it at the interview and were approved on the spot after a few very basic questions. Good luck.
  10. D/S for the purpose of the visa. Once the academic program you are enrolled in is over, the "D/S' is also over, you have to pack up and leave.
  11. You will be expected to have signs of bona-fide marriage that are typical for newly-weds, maybe like: 1. Moving in together. Add her/him on your lease, utility payments, etc. 2. Strong, mutual romantic attraction. Convincing story for the romantic connection. BTW, if the beneficiary is 20 years old and the petitioner is 55, it will be less convincing. 3. Joint bank accounts, credit cards. 4. Adding him/her on your insurance. 5. Buying big items for the family together such as furniture, car, etc. 6. Wedding, honeymoon, photos/evidence/tickets, etc. They will scrutinize every marriage, but they will scrutinize quickies more. But it is your right to marry the person you like, none can judge you for that. Pile up evidence that your marriage is real and stand your ground honestly. They will give you a conditional green card anyway, which is the uscis safety net for quickies.
  12. There is nothing you have to do from an "immigration standpoint". He is a permanent resident with no conditions, so it is no more contingent upon whether he is married to you or not. People marry and people divorce all the time, but from the USCIS perspective, such divorces are a red flags for potential marriage fraud, so he may have to do a bit of explanation once he applies for citizenship, if he chooses to apply. (he can apply after 5 years of permanent residency).
  13. We had our interview on December 6 and the officer approved our case on the spot. We received the "case approved" notification the next day. Interview went pretty smooth. We applied to adjust my wife's status in March 27th.
  14. Argument: Approval of family members can be grounds for more stable marriage. Counter Argument: You are an adult and can make your own decisions.
  15. Unsolicited fearmongering presented as "advise" is useless and pointless.