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  1. Thank you for the helpful information! I've been doing a lot of research too, it's really not fair that there are people who received SSN card 1-2 days after EAD (some people even got it before EAD) and also there are others who didn't receive it until almost 3 weeks later... I also found this PDF on the USCIS website, It seems like we should expect it within 7 business days after receiving EAD. It will have been 7 business days on Monday after I received mine so I think I'm gonna go to SSA to apply in person. (Because I'm pretty sure USCIS did not apply for my SSN -_- ) EBE_Flyer_Apply_for_your_Social_Security_Number_While_Applying_for_Your.pdf
  2. 2 weeks after receiving?!😱 oh wow... I guess I'm gonna have to tough it out again. Thanks anyways!
  3. Is there anyone who never had SSN issued before and applied for it on I-765(EAD)? How long did it take to receive SSN card after receiving EAD? I got my EAD in the mail last week and now waiting for my SSN card... realized that there is not much I can do with just EAD until I get SSN 😑
  4. Just received my EAD card today after my status changed to "New Card is Being Produced" on 12/23! However I received only EAD card not a combo card since USCIS messed up my AP when I filed it so I had to resubmit the application a month later 😑 I'm guessing they are gonna send my AP separately in a month or so. Anyways I'm happy to be able to start driving and working finally! Hope everyone here will hear the good news soon!
  5. My case for EAD has just changed to New Card is Being Produced too! Best Christmas gift ever! I wonder how long it's gonna take for the card to come in the mail. Hope everyone hears some good news soon! 9/11 Package sent 10/1 NOA 10/22 Biometric 12/23 New card is being produced
  6. Hi, I just got the same notice today and we are neighbors! I'm located in West Palm Beach, FL. Let's keep our heads up and I hope we're all gonna hear the good news sometime soon! 9/11 Package sent 10/1 NOA 10/22 Bio 11/22 Case is ready to be scheduled for an interview
  7. Hi, this might not be your case but I thought I would share my experience. I got 2 NOAs (text msg) for I-485 and I-765 the other day, and got REJECTION LETTER for I-131. What they said on the letter was "the fee was incorrect", although it is FREE when you file them all together as a lot of people here know. (Of course I sent a check for I-485 with them) I called USCIS and they admitted that they made a mistake. I don't know how they could possibly make a mistake like this... so now I have to wait for the NOA letters for I-485 and I-765, and then resubmit I-131 application which they sent me back with the NOA letter. This is just ridiculous. I hope you are hearing something soon, I know how frustrating it is just hang in there you are not the only one.
  8. My package was received on 9/12 and still nothing... the check hasn't got cashed yet either 😔 Checking email and stuff everyday, I know some people here had to wait for 3 weeks too but it's definitely getting frustrating!
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