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  1. Firs time ever I see someone here saying they used a lawyer and were happy with the results, which is nice to hear since every time someone asks about lawyer in VJ they get the craziest responses ever. We used a lawyer too for a CR1, and wouldn't change that for the world.
  2. I am sorry but I don't think he can stay while filling, as USCIS would see it as visa fraud since you two know each other for over five years, therefore it was a clear intent of using a tourist visa to come to stay. It seem he will have to go back to the UK and file for a CR-1.
  3. JB209

    Received email from NVC

    That e-mail means you are done with NVC, meaning NVC completed your case. The issue is the embassy does not have appointments available, therefore you just need to wait for the embassy to have appointments available at which point NVC will contact you again with information regarding your appointment and what needs to be done for the interview
  4. You don’t need to apostille or authentic any document. Anything that is originally in English does not need translation
  5. Usually about 3 business days to deliver within Bogota (be aware the embassy and DHL will always tell you the official response of 2 weeks minimum). I had the interview on a Friday before a holiday weekend (puente festivo) and got the passport on the following Wednesday
  6. JB209

    TB test for medical

    The TB test in Colombia is performed by means of chest X-ray which do not require to come back. However keep in mind that you need to allow at least 3 days or so between your medical/labs and your interview so that you have the results on your hand to take to the embassy. When calling the Dr office to schedule the appointment they will ask you when is your embassy appointment in order to suggest the latest Dr appointment you could schedule
  7. I got it about 6 weeks after arrival in late August 2017. I started working with just the I-551 stamp. Two lessons from my personal experience: 1. I did not get the SSN in the mail with the green card therefore I had to go to Social Security office to request one. My employer required the receipt of request from the Social Security Office. 2. Do not mention during the application/interview process as it may make it convoluted that you only have the I-551 stamp. Rather once hired and filling out paperwork with HR, explain them and work with them while filling up the I-9 form
  8. If you are talking about the US citizen, then definitely not but if you are talking about the beneficiary (Colombian citizen) might as well just get the passport. While you will not need it to file for the CR1, you will need it down the line when you get approved by the USCIS and before filing documentation for the NVC so you gain really nothing by waiting.