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  1. It’s currently taking about one month or less from DQ to getting IL at the US Embassy in Bridgetown. DQ: 11/14 IL: 12/13 Interview: 1/13
  2. Speaking from experience here: - True/False: Some cases are approved in a week or less after submitting documents TRUE: I submitted all the documents on 11/8/2019 and received approvals and DQ on 11/14/2019. This was not expedited on my end.
  3. Hey guys. Got I-130 approval today for my mom. Had my expectations set on waiting another couple of months, at least, based on processing times. My mom’s not present in the US so, she’ll eventually be applying for a visa at an embassy abroad. Priority Date: March 18, 2019 Approval: September 20, 2019 Service Center: Texas Waiting on physical approval notice since I only have case status notification for now.
  4. For n-400, only your time as a permanent resident is relevant where these employment and address history questions are concerned. Since I also filed under the three year rule, I also included just 3 years of history.
  5. Sure she can. You can file I-485 after with a copy of the receipt received when I-130 was filed. Please keep in mind that her parents can fall out of status if the i94 expires and I-485 hasn’t yet been filed. The I-130 alone will not allow them authorized stay beyond the date printed on their i94.
  6. If they’re already in the US and you’re hoping to have them stay here and have their status adjusted to that of a permanent resident then you should select the option to ‘adjust status’ and put their US address/ your address as the physical address. Adjustment can only be done within the US so, this makes it clear that everything will be done via USCIS and consular processing will not be applicable. Although entering on B1/B2 you’re authorized a maximum stay of 6months, once you file I-485 to have them adjust their status, they’re considered to be in authorized stay for as long as a final decision is pending on their adjustment (i.e. the initial period of stay provided on i94 by CBP when they entered is no longer applicable).
  7. I actually did include some chat conversations as proof when we filed for AOS since we didn’t have a lot of other proofs. I included conversations related to our wedding, congratulatory messages from friends, and just chose different conversations at different time periods in our relationship — spaced out over time to show the length of the relationship.
  8. Definitely an overkill, but I respect the ‘too much is better than not enough’ approach here.
  9. Recently got approved for Citizenship based on marriage to US citizen as well. The only documents that we submitted related to our marriage (apart from a copy of the marriage certificate, of course) were IRS transcripts (filed jointly) and apartment rental leases with both names for the past few years. I did take some additional proofs with me to my interview at Federal Plaza, NY though, but there was no interest by the IO in any of it.
  10. Nothing prevents an IO, at the time of green card interview — should one be required, from re-evaluating intent and making a decision based on that. However, coming here with non-immigrant intent, having a change of heart while already in the U.S. and seeking permanent residence is quite common and should not pose any issues.
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