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  1. Did you request the expedited service? 2 weeks is super fast processing. Hopefully mine will be that fast as well. They received my documents on 12/23/2021.
  2. I had my i751 interview last week. So I don't know if maybe they considered that a combo interview. Who knows... we'll see what they say on Wednesday.
  3. Hi everyone. So I am very confused here because I just received an approval notice that says they already approved my N-400. However, my interview/test is on the 27th. So I don't know if that day they will still do the interview/test or only the Oath. The approval notice I got says that my next step is the Oath of Allegiance.
  4. Hi everyone. For some reason, after my interview my status changed to Case transferred. Do you guys know why is this?
  5. Hi! It went super good. Easier than I thought. First we sworn to tell the truth. Then we were asked for our driver licenses and passports / Social Security cards if we had them with us. We had both passports. But only my SS card, and it was okay, no issues for not bringing my husband's card. He asked us if there was any additional evidence we wanted to submit (only copies). We gave him a folder with everything we had. I asked if he also wanted the i-864 and he said no. The only questions were: Full names and dates of birth Confirm our address How did we meet? Our occupations If we had plans to continue living in the US If we had children together He looked at some pictures we provided today, and asked where were we there. (It was a trip to Cancun) And that was it. He left the office to make copies of our drivers licenses and when he came back, told us that everything was okay and I should receive my GC in the mail in about a week. One step closer! Now my N-400 is ok the 27th.
  6. They reused my fingerprints for bother cases. And my i751 status still shows that. It never changed to ready for interview.
  7. Mine is YSC as well. I have not received any letter yet BUT this morning I got a call from my USCIS local office letting me know that my interview for the I-751 is THIS FRIDAY! At first I thought it was a scam or something because in 4 years this is the first time I get a call from immigration. When I asked why I never got a letter, they lady told me that they accidentally mailed it to my previous address (which doesn't mean any sense because I moved like two years ago and they have my current one on file) and they got it back because, of course, it could not be delivered. They wanted to make sure I knew about the appointment so I could prepare. She asked to go today in person to pick up the letter, and I did. So now I am preparing everything. My status online has not changed. My N400 interview/exam is on October 27. Wish me luck! And stay tuned for any call from USCIS.
  8. Hi everyone, I just got a message from USCIS letting me know that my interview has been scheduled 😀
  9. Hi everyone, Even thought my local office show a long processing time for the N400, when I log in to my USCIS account, it shows that the decision to my casi should be made in around 4 months from now. I guess I'll keep waiting 🤷
  10. They require to upload back and front of your green card, proof of your spouse's US citizenship, marriage certificate, and tax returns for the last 3 years. Those are the required ones. And they will give you the option to upload evidence of your relationship. I uploaded a joint bank account statement, health insurance card, car insurance, car lease and mortgage. Good luck!
  11. Hello everyone. I just submitted my N-400 online 😃 It was very easy and user-friendly to do it online. I uploaded the required documents and some evidence. My ROC still showing the same status since last year, fingerprints were taken.
  12. Hello everyone, just wanted to let you know I submitted an inquiry online and this was the response I got: “Your application is still pending consideration. We anticipate that you will receive a decision or other correspondence within the specified processing time frame. If you need temporary evidence of your lawful permanent resident status while waiting to receive a replacement Green Card, we may issue you an Alien Documentation, Identification & Telecommunications (ADIT) stamp.” We’ll keep waiting... 🙏🏻
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