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  1. Mike, Thank you for your responses, hoping that they go through with F2A but if they switch it to F2B we will just go with it. I appreciate your answers to my questions. Thanks, Hopefully, they still approve him on F2A!
  2. Hi Guys, I have few questions to you guys that have knowledge on CSPA eligibility. My mother petitioned (LPR) my brother who was 19 at that time (November 25, 2019 was his Priority Date). He got approved June 22, 2021 when he exactly turned 21 years old and 3 weeks. USCIS already turned his case in to F2B (which it will take longer for him to migrate 9-10 years my guess), I asked you guys what to do about it, and followed your adv to contact NVC, because he is eligible for CSPA, so we did. They accepted our request, and they moved him again to F2A (which is under 21 case). We paid all the necessary fees and submitted all the documents needed and he got Documentarily Qualified May 4, of 2022. Since all the backlog during Pandemic until now he's still waiting for the interview letter. My questions are, the visa bulletin for April on his Case is September 2020, will it affect his case? Is he protected by CSPA still? Is there a possibility that he get turn to F2B? How the interviewer calculates is age and his case? We just need to know what we are looking forward to. I will put his timeline below. Birthdate: May 31, 2000 Priority Date : November 25, 2019 Approval Date : June 22, 2021 Documentarily Qualitfied Date : May 5, 2022 Thank you so much in advance.
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