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  1. Wow, that sounds much more effective than I had anticipated! My wife is in Fredericksburg, VA, so I'll have her look into who represents her district. Did you call or write to a generic office number/address, or did you address a letter to the actual senator (which I presume would end up on his staff's desk initially anyway)? Any tips/help/insight on that process are much appreciated! Oh, edit to add: the email address you used for the embassy, was that similar to "AmsterdamIV@state.gov", or was it an actual embassy email address (after the '@')?
  2. Gosh that's awful about the disease, although I guess lucky they came accross it! Glad to hear everything worked out in the end. How was your experience contacting the Senator's office and them bugging the embassy? My wife and I are currently in a similar situation where the consulate just won't request my passport and isn't replying to e-mails. Cheers,
  3. Thanks! That's indeed where I've been checking. Is this also where an update shows up once they receive the medical?
  4. Hi, I'm currently facing this as well. Do you have an update on how it ended up going for you?
  5. I did, green piece of paper saying they still need the medical. Consular officer told me everything looked great and that once the medical was in they would issue the visa. That's horrible. What a joke of a government/system, makes me feel real welcome! Anyway, where have you gone for updates? The online scheduling system provides only options to reschedule the courier delivery (home or depot) but no updates of any kind. They refer to CEAC which just says the case is "in Amsterdam". Same question I guess, where do you think I could/should look? Thanks!
  6. I'm aware, but since my medical couldn't be scheduled any earlier than the visa interview (interview was expedited) they gave it back to me until after the medical. Hence the courier thing.
  7. Anyone else dealing with delays in the consulate's handling of their case post-interview? I had my interview two weeks ago, medical the same week (approved and transmitted to consulate immediately), was told I would be sent instructions on how to courier my passport to the consulate immediately after completion of the medical. Since then, crickets... For almost two weeks I've had no replies to email sent or calls. Anyone else going through similar stuff with their CR-1/IR-1?
  8. Hi everyone, This may be a long shot but here goes: The Amsterdam consulate is doing medicals after interviews, and, per the consular officer, my visa approval is contingent only on the medical coming through (everything was a-okay). They told me that once they receive the medical they'll send me an e-mail with instructions on how to courier my passport to them. My medical was done and uploaded a while ago, but the consulate is taking it's merry time (as they seem to be with everything) to send out a simple e-mail. Are there any Dutchies who've gone through the same process and can share the courier instructions with me? Thanks, T
  9. Good day all, Not sure this post belongs in this subforum but I figured it will get moved if it doesn't. My medical exam is in two days (1/11). I already had my visa interview on 1/4, and per the consular officer visa approval is contingent only on succeful completion of the medical exam. I've been very sick with the flu (symptoms started right after the interview when I got home) and only just recovering. I gather all that will remain by the medical exam date is a persistant cough, a very hoarse voice and general fatigue. I've been PCR tested for COVID-19 twice, both negative. According to my GP I'm no longer contagious. I was wondering if my current state will raise any suspicion at the exam as to my medical condition. I'm otherwise completely healthy, but if I show up with barely a voice and tell them I'm completely fine, wouldn't that raise eyebrows? I'm debating postponing it, but the next available appointment date is weeks out, and I have to get back to the U.S. for family reasons ASAP. On the other hand, if the clinic thinks something must be up with me and wants to do further/extensive testing, that could also take awhile I would presume. Thanks for your advice.
  10. Whoah, I had no clue that was the case! Thanks for mentioning it, because that pretty much settles the question for me. 😅
  11. That is indeed a major consideration for me, as is potential resale price. And just like the person you mentioned I've been flying back and forth business class a bit to bring a multitude of suitcases over. There's just some stuff (like computer displays, more fragile items) that I don't trust the airlines with. Thanks for the insight! Last I checked there is no KBB registration of my vehicle since they were never made or sold in the U.S. (I think they were discontinued after the 2008 model). Any idea how it would go in that case; how would customs determine maket value? This is also a consideration for eventual resale: does its rarity make it easy to get a good price for, or will it not sell because nobody knows about them... Thanks again, people!
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